26 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Strangest American ‘Food’ They’ve Seen

9. Marco North

The tradition of getting sweet things next to savory things on a breakfast plate has drawn shocked reactions from foreigners. Getting maple syrup on your bacon is just bizarre to some people outside the USA. They don’t mix. The lumberjack breakfast platter that includes pancakes, some eggs, some bacon and/or ham, maybe some fried potatoes is all about some tabasco, some maple syrup and letting it all run together, That’s crazy to people from Russia for instance.

10. Daniel Martín

One of my few experiences of tasting American food was in a visit to Microsoft’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Coming from Spain, I was delighted to see that “Spanish rice” was an option for meal. But when I actually got to see the dish, I couldn’t recognize it at all….

It was not bad at all, but it simply was a new dish for me. Later, I realized that, even though it is called “Spanish rice”, it is actually a Mexican dish.

Other than that, the most noteworthy difference I found is that American dishes are usually very elaborated and portions are larger than in my country.

11. Scott Piehler

While entertaining some Brits who were visiting on a business trip, I was amazed to discover they viewed the combination of peanut butter and jelly to be noxious. They liked either alone, but could not bear the thought of combining them.


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