29 People Reveal Their “Neighbors From Hell” Stories That Will Make You Sick

24. Was this punishment?

In our last apartment, we lived on the 2nd floor. A family on the 4th floor had this kid who was maybe 3 years old. Every morning between 6 and 8 they’d walk up the staircase after having been out, and most of the time the kid would start crying. Loudly. What was the solution of the parents? Leave the crying kid in the staircase on its own for 15min! Our apartment doors carried sound through them very well, so it was basically like having a screaming 3 year old in your hallway every morning.

Let’s just say it got on my nerves rather quickly. So what did I do? Nothing of course, I’m a Swede lol.


I lived in a house that had been split into two apartments. Next door was a crackhead. Normally, crackhead kept to herself and didn’t bother me except to bum a cigarette or two every few days.

One day she needed a smoke, but I was down to my last pack, and payday wasn’t for another three days, so I said no. She must have really needed a smoke, because it was like a rage switch had been turned on in her head.

I turned around and went back into my apartment to get away from her screaming at me, and she went back into her apartment and started pounding on the walls. At least I thought she was just pounding on the walls. Turns out that she grabbed a hammer and was smashing her way through the walls to my apartment.

I called her boyfriend who was basically a decent dude, and he rushed home and got her calmed down. The hole in the walls was basketball sized by the time she was stopped. Luckily for me they were already being evicted, so I didn’t have to worry about her anymore.

26. Uh, what?

My neighbor tried to kill my dog with an axe in front of me. So basically fuck that guy.

27. First house, first crazy neighbor, sold for cheap, asshole tried to haggle with me, I still came out the winner

Wife and my first house after marriage, we got a completely insane neighbor. She had “environmental allergies” which led her to have ridiculous reactions to any chemical. So she spied on us to make sure we didn’t clean or spray anything. She had a “severe reaction” and threatened to sue us when she saw me lining the exterior of our house with chemicals. The chemical I was using was salt. She chased away 3 pest experts that were hired to help get termites out of my house because I couldn’t get anyone to treat the area due to her insane reactions when she saw them. Finally rushed a Terminix guy on one day while she was gone, he fixed the house up, and we decided to gtfo. Sold the house for a postage stamp and a pack of chewing gum. I feel like I made a great deal. Good luck guy who wanted to argue price with me when I was already giving you a good deal. Enjoy the lawsuits and termites.



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