25 Hikers And Backpackers Reveal The Creepiest, Scariest Things They’ve Found In The Wild

We peeled out and thought we were good, but about 30 seconds later some headlights come up from behind us, and I’m like “fuck, that’s the truck that shotgun dude was chillin at!” So now we’re being pursued by crazy gun toting rednecks with a superior vehicle in unfamiliar forest on unmaintained logging roads in the dark, and the only thing we can do is speed up. I remember looking at the speedometer as we approached a washed out hairpin turn and it was moving from 45 to 50 mph, and the truck was tailing us pretty close, like by only a couple feet, and I was pretty sure that we were gonna slide off the cliff and die.

Somehow my drunkass buddy managed to power slide that turn and get some distance between us and the tweakers and we eventually made it to a paved two lane, at which point the truck pulled off.

We put it together later that the camper was a meth lab – nothing else it really could’ve been, deep in the forest with armed guards and shit. But yeah, resulted in a drunken high speed night chase on unfamiliar logging roads and we nearly slid off the side of a mountain.

 Something feels off

When out exploring an old abandoned quarry with some friends we found this dude stood staring at this rock, occasionally twitching, but he never turned around. We were pretty creeped out so didn’t investigate, and left pretty soon after. Later on that night we found out that another friend was driving down the lane that runs parallel to the quarry found a guy in a black coat stood in the middle of the road, and wouldn’t move. She was pretty freaked out and had to reverse all the way back up the lane in the dark because he was still there. Pretty sure it was the same guy, otherwise it was just a big coincidence.


 A circle

I was backpacking in New Hampshire and camped out for the night after a day hike. I wandered off from our fire to go take a piss and stumbled upon a circle etched into the ground with tuning forks surrounding the circle standing up straight…It looked like a creepy ritual circle and it bugged me out so I booked it back to the group.


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