25 Hikers And Backpackers Reveal The Creepiest, Scariest Things They’ve Found In The Wild

 A goddamn meth lab

Me and a buddy chose some national forest in Oregon specifically for how remote it was. About a year prior a family became lost and the father was never found, although mother and child lived to tell the tale. Anyway, we set up camp around 4pm after getting pretty deep into the woods on a mountain accessed by logging roads, maybe about 100-200 yards from where we parked, near a lake.

Without much else to do we started a fire and cracked some beers as the sun went down. Then pickup trucks started going through the woods, slowing down when they saw our campfire. We got curious (and stupid via the beers) and went deeper into the woods- seemed like a helluva party was going on. Then we stumbled into a clearing where maybe 15-20 dudes were hanging around a bonfire next to a mossy run down camper trailer. One had a pistol on his hip, another was just chillin with a shotgun. We’re like “oh shit” at first but someone approaches us and acts neighborly and invites us to have a beer, so it seemed okay. They were joking around mostly, some talking about drugs (coke, meth), but there were some older dudes that seemed pretty tense.

As this happened, 4-5 dudes who seemed to be standing sentry at the camper (which didn’t look like it had been moved in a long time) went inside for a few minutes. When they came back out, they said we were faggots and saw us making out. Pretty quickly I got up to head back to our site, but my slower, drunker buddy took a few punches. Then he made it out and started following, and we were sprinting through the forest in the darkness, just hoping to get back to our site by spotting the glowing embers of our burnt out fire, the whole time with gun toters in tow.

We found our site, and with pretty much everything in the tent we pulled the stakes to toss it in the trunk of our car, when we hear an enraged scream only about 50 yards from us “KILL THE FAGGOTS!” So we were like fuck it, dropped the tent and gear without even saying a word to each other, and sprinted in the direction of the car.


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