This Woman Shot Her Boyfriend’s Penis Off Because She Thought He Might Be Cheating

53-year-old Delia Mary Flores is in custody after allegedly shooting her sleeping boyfriend multiple times, and twice in the scrotum.

The victim was asleep in his chair when he thought he heard the sounds of fireworks — then he realized he had been shot.

Flores was the one to actually call police, and told them she had no idea what had happened to her boyfriend. Police found him with at least seven gunshot wounds: two in the neck, one on his back, two in the scrotum, and one directly on his penis.

While investigating the home, police found a .32 caliber handgun and multiple shell castings. They also found a box for the gun and ammunition stowed away in a Victoria’s Secret bag in the closet.

After being pressed by police about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the attack, Flores admitted that she was the one who shot her boyfriend.

She told authorities that she believed that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She presented no evidence for this claim, and her boyfriend — still in critical condition — denies having any sort of affair and told police he has “no idea” why Flores would do something like this.

Flores is being held on $750,000 bond on the charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault. The victim remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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