10 Things Every 20 Something Needs To Master Before They Turn 30


1. Letting Go

You’ll learn to move on from your past. Letting go is tough but spending so much time on something is also tough. There is only so much a person can do to make something better, if it doesn’t work move on. You will learn to have a limit on how much you can hold on to.

2. Independence

You’ll learn to take control of your life. You learn to take care of yourself instead of impressing everyone else. You will want to take risks and try new things because you know you are now getting older. You learn to love yourself and enjoy being with yourself. Being alone is more desirable than being around with friends.

3. Responsibility

You’ll learn to know when something is right or wrong. You learn to make better choices. It is not all about partying anymore or drinking all weekend. There is more to life than fitting in and socializing.

4. Priorities

Love is not that important and if it is than you make sure it’s worth it. Many people in their 20s are single and willing to stay single for their careers and or until they find the right person. Many students in college are more serious about their education than slacking off. When you are in your 20s you have your priorities straight. You know what you want; you just don’t know how to get there.

5. Flexibility

Although you know what you want, you have to be flexible because it will all happen very unexpectedly. Plans are not permanent and things can change any time. That is the good and bad part about being in your mid 20’s. You could be starting a job and next thing you know you are now moving to Italy. You might have no plans to be in a relationship, but next thing you know you’re getting married. The good thing is you are still young so it is going to make you feel alive and even stronger.

6. Exploring

You will learn to explore your options. You might have to do a job that is not in your field. For some people it’s not the best option but if it’s a good opportunity, always be willing to explore it and see where it can take you.

7. Change

Along with exploring come lots and lots of change. Your life will change so much in just a few years. I sometimes feel like I am much older because so much has happened in just a year. It may not seem like a lot, but when you think about high school, you will feel very old. There will only be more change and you have to open your arms and welcome it, because it is great. Yes, you will feel tired sometimes, and exhausted, you might want to give up, but it is all worth it, and you have to keep on going forward.

8. Sacrifices

You will have to make choices and some serious sacrifices. While I was in school I had to live alone away from my family. I felt guilty all the time, but I knew I was doing something great not only for myself, but for my family, and our future. I know my mother is very proud of me now. It is tough but sometimes you have to be selfish, if you want to do more than the minimum. Being in school is also sacrificing the other things I could have done. I did not get to travel, or work as much. I am taking a risk no matter what I choose to do, but it all helps to where I am going.

9. Confidence

The confidence you had when you were a teenager or the confidence you were trying to develop will not be the same as when you are in your 20s. Now this confidence will be about enjoying being you. It is being confident in all of the mistakes you made and not feeling bad about it. You will be happy and carefree not sharing the same taste in music as everyone else.

You won’t want to confine into the same stuff and routines as every person in their 20’s. Just because all your friends go to clubs doesn’t mean you have to. You will be happy just staying home and watching “The Bernie Mac Show” all day. You might even find better friends that enjoy doing the same things as you.

10. Learning

What you will learn the most in your 20s is that in everything that happens, there is something you will learn. You will learn life lessons in every little and big situations. You will learn to love yourself before loving others, and you will learn to change when you are ready to. There will be so many new insights about your life and you will find yourself growing and blossoming into so much more than you could ever imagine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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