7 Surprisingly Good Horror Movies Most People Haven’t Heard Of

Hounds of Love (2016)


This is a creepy Australian horror film that hasn’t gotten a lot of word of mouth buzz in the US yet. If you’re fascinated by the “girl in a box” story, or just want to be really disturbed in general, check this one out.

The Lodge (2008)

I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this movie. I found it randomly on Netflix a few years ago (sadly, it’s no longer streaming) and gave it a try. It’s a pretty typical horror movie about a couple taking a weekend vacation at a secluded lodge, but when the grisly stuff started happening, I really wasn’t prepared for how scary the “bad guy” was going to be.

Let the Right One In

If you’ve heard of this movie, chances are it’s because of the American remake, Let Me In which was okay, but the original Swedish one is so much better. Basically, it’s a little kid vampire movie with subtitles and some very grisly murder scenes. If you end up loving this one, make sure you also watch Goodnight Mommy.

Hell House LLC

The genuinely terrifying premise of Hell House LLC is that it’s a “documentary” about a group of people opening up a haunted house for Halloween. I think it never got a lot of attention when it came out because horror fans have found footage film fatigue, but it’s very scary and well worth a watch in a dark room.

The Hamiltons

This is a lesser known (and frightening!) film about a family of four kids moving on together after their parents pass away. The family has a secret that is only hinted at for most of the movie, and you’ll keep guessing what it is that this family is hiding.


I’d never heard of Amusement when I randomly found it on YouTube. It’s 3 somewhat separate stories of young girls encountering a killer. There are a lot of classic elements (one of the girls is a babysitter) but it’s still fun and pretty freaky.

Death of a Ghost Hunter


If you like to watch any of those paranormal investigation shows, this is a must watch (along with Grave Enounters). It’s low-budget but there are good twists and I like the “meta”-ness of a fictional film about a reality TV show. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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