To The Girl Who Needs To Find Herself After Love Has Walked Away

Drew Wilson

When people walk away, you learn the art of letting go.

That though it may be hard at the beginning, you eventually accept the fact that you have to let go. That you have to stop holding on to those people like you can’t breathe without them. You learn that you can breathe. You learn that you came into this world on your own and you’ll probably exit on your own as well. You learn that having them may be a blessing, but when it’s time to let go, you learn that you should. With that, you learn that not everyone you meet are supposed to stay forever. You learn that some people are only meant to grace in your life and teach you a valuable lesson and then departs after. You learn the richness of losing attachments to people, that sometimes, losing your connection with them isn’t the most catastrophic thing in the world but it’s actually profitable to who you are. You learn that people indeed come and go. You learn that there’s nothing wrong with having people close doors in your face and that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with you, it just happens and it’s something we can’t rule over.

>You learn that there is something spectacular when you stop holding on to those people whom you thought are vital parts of your life. You re-discover the concept of letting go and you realize just how absolutely remarkable it is.

When people walk away, you learn that you cannot lock everyone in.

You learn that you cannot trap people within the walls of your life, you learn that they hold a significant amount of freedom to choose on whether they want to be in your life or not.
You learn that the strangers who became friends can always go back to being a stranger. You learn that the boy who once made you laugh, took you out on lavishing dates, impacted your heart and has become such an integral part of your life can always go back to being just a boy. You learn that the person you shared a sensational friendship with and has motivated you to overthrow every hardship in life can always go back to being just a person. You learn that the fascinating individual you had a very meaningful conversation with that gradually became a good friend can always go back to being someone you just met. Because not everyone who crosses our paths, or leave their mark on- our souls will stay. Sometimes, they just have to fulfill this grand purpose of moving our lives, touching our hearts, and imparting us lessons we can’t learn on our own. It’s not a sad reality, it’s actually a good warning; to make the most of everyone we meet along in this journey called life.

When people walk away, you learn to love yourself more.

Not because they didn’t love you enough. But because when people leave you, the affirmation, love and acceptance you no longer get are being given to you by none other than yourself. You learn to keep yourself. You learn that the second greatest love you can attain, aside from God’s love, is the love that you can offer yourself freely. You learn to accept yourself from the darkest parts to the most astounding parts. You learn that you don’t need any form of validation from people. You learn that a romantic partner does not verify your worth as an individual. You learn that the approval of others doesn’t really make any paramount changes. That if people don’t have the capability to love you or accept you, it’s okay, because that doesn’t lessen your incredible individuality. You learn that how others treat you doesn’t define you but defines them. You learn that it’s fine to be the one who’s left behind because it opens marvelous opportunities for you to be alone. And in being alone, you learn more about yourself, you fall in love with yourself.

When people walk away, you learn that you deserve the best.

This goes to all those toxic and soul-sucking people you met, loved and have turned their back on you. Having them walk away from your life can trigger one of the most important learnings and that is to never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

You learn that even though it hurts to see them walk away, the pain will gradually fade and what remains with you is the fact that you deserve to be treated and loved better.

You learn that waking up without their heavy yokes affixed on your shoulders is the best feeling ever. You learn that the peace that comes after losing them is so much better than their presence clinging to you. You learn that opening your eyes and realizing that you no longer miss them or look for them is the most breathtaking moment of your life. Having them walk away from your life makes you learn the quality of love and concern you deserve, it makes you understand that you don’t have to accept anything less.

When people walk away, you learn the magnificence of growth.

You learn that everyone should undergo a metamorphosis. A grandiose growth and development of the mind, body and soul. You learn that everyone you meet play a striking role in reconstructing you and your whole being. Everyone teaches you a lesson of growth. You learn so many substantial things from them that contributes to your soul. You learn to correct all your mistakes so that you won’t commit the same mistakes again.

When people walk away, you learn to embrace your flaws and take pride in it.

You learn that we are all growing and conquering. And that it’s inevitable to lose some people that has been a part of your life. You learn that having people walk away from you is part of life. You learn that having less noise in your life is indeed a good treatment to your being. And without so much influence from all these people, you discover you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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