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Don’t Let Comparison Spoil The Celebration

silhouette of three woman with hands on the air while dancing during sunset

We see other people winning and we feel the need to compare. Why do they have better jobs? Better relationships? Better bodies? Better skin? Better lives? We look at their win and we think that somehow it invalidates our win, when really it doesn’t.

If Only I Knew I Was A Pretty Girl Too

macro shot of woman

If only I loved myself then the way I do now, maybe I wouldn’t have wasted my time comparing myself to every girl that sat beside me, and maybe I could’ve believed that we could both be beautiful and that it was never a competition.

The Moment It All Made Sense

woman in teal long sleeve shirt standing near body of water during daytime

At 17, she gave her all to someone she thought was worth it all. But she was just 17, she didn’t know that he was just some boy — he didn’t know that his words were sharp and it could leave a mark.

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