27 People On Their Most Embarrassing Guilty Pleasure

Everyone has them, and if you pretend like you don’t, you’re a liar on top of having an embarrassing guilty pleasure. And in the interest of full disclosure, I will reveal one of mine: listening to early-2000s R&B/pop, such as Dream or 3LW, and pretending to be the star of the video, complete with humiliating dance moves in front of the mirror and using furniture as props. There, I said it. Here, Reddit on some of their own shameful/wonderful activities:

1. Octopudding

When I’m cooking and alone I like to pretend I have my own cooking show. I told my best friend and she ‘co-starred’ once. I regret nothing.

2. agent229

reading craigslist “missed connections”… or sometimes “casual encounters”…

3. Thatweirdbusdriver

When my bus is empty I like to sing bohemian rhapsody as loud as I can. I did this once when I thought my bus was empty…. there was 1 guy I couldnt see in my mirror and when he got off the bus he just started laughing hysterically.



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