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30 Guys Reveal The Things Girls Think They Don’t Notice, But They Actually Do

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16. When she’s frontin’.

Passive aggressiveness. Nobody responds “Oh.” unless some shit has been fucked up.

17. How men try to decipher whether a girl is on her period:

If she’s wearing white below the waist, she’s not on her period.

If I see dark colors for a week straight, her monkey has a nosebleed.

18. Those conspicuous hints that you’re not into him.

When you consciously don’t wear makeup or dress down around male friends you suspect or know are attracted to you. Message received.

19. Flatulence (another jig that’s up).

Their sneaky silent farts.

20. The difference between a suggestion and a commandment.

When you command us to do something, but it’s disguised as a suggestion.

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      Apparently, they do notice. But they don’t and won’t tell.

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      I love this I actually had to re read the title of it several times before I understood it. We may think guys don’t notice these things about us, but guys really do. And I tell you some of it may be common sense and some of it is funny as fuck. While the rest of it is embarrassing as hell.

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