50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

37. Sex turns into around-town adventure

So I really liked this guy. We were at a party, I was quite drunk and we start hooking up. We go out to his car, have some sex, and then I need to pee, so I run off. I ended up running around town for about two hours, before I’m able to find my way back. In the middle of winter, with no shoes on. His car got stolen that night too.

Anyway it was the start of uni break and I didn’t hear anything from him over the break. I got back and he pulls me aside one day to ask if I was pregnant, because The condom broke. My body shape naturally looks pregnant (though I’m slim), especially when I bloat, so I was feeling really fantastic about myself after that. The worst part was I didn’t remember anything much about the incident so didn’t know about the condom. And he waited two weeks! I wasn’t on any birth control but could’ve got plan b or something. Asking if I was pregnant instead of telling me what happened was the wrong way about it.

My fourth year project was then with him and we had to awkwardly hang out for weeks.

— kati_pai

38. Sent me home with cookies, but the rest was awful

Once I hooked up with a guy, fluids were exchanged, and then he revealed that he was an IV drug user who had been to rehab but fell off the wagon four weeks ago with a shared the needle. I freaked, he reminded me that he had been tested, and I said, “But if it was four weeks ago, it might not show up on a test yet.”

That was a really tough year of getting tested and re-tested. He wasn’t any good in bed, either–really a pillow princess. So not worth it! The best thing about it was that he sent me home with cookies, which didn’t exactly make up for the stress. Luckily, all tests were negative.

— GussyMcKnickers

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