50 Women Reveal The Raunchy Details Of Their Biggest Hookup Mistake Ever

3. Blood. Blood everywhere

Hooked up with this cute guy for a night, both of us just wanted a one night stand or a FWB at max. We started having sex and it was pretty great, felt good then suddenly he pulls out and his condom is COVERED in blood. Like covered. I got really freaked out and told him embarrassingly that my period is a little weird to which he said (to my horror) “it isn’t you, it’s me”.

I just looked at him trying to understand how he could have been on a period (my brain was not working) and then he took the condom off (which now had a mix of semen and blood in it, SORRY for the TMI) and showed me some stitches on his penis that had ripped during sex (he said I was too tight). He also said “can’t believe this happened again”. Thankfully nothing was on me, I washed up and left and we never spoke again.

— ynok822

4. Wow, this guy really sucks

The guy who I thought was using a condom but I guess in the middle of sex, he took it off (I was very drunk and didn’t notice). Did not even know until I was showing symptoms of chlamydia and I had to ask him about it. Biggest scare of my sex life.

— cheechnfuxk

5. Not exactly sex but

Met a guy at a bar. He seemed clean, law abiding, kind. He came over. Start making out, took off my bra, suddenly pulls a crack pipe out of his pants and asks if he can “do this quick here or should he use the bathroom?” Asked him to leave and he did. Kept texting me afterwards saying he doesn’t need to do it in front of me, he found a kmart parking lot to do it in and he can come back. I blocked him.

— Gialicious

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