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1. Pretty much everything in your external world is doing everything it can to keep you from knowing who you really are. Whether it’s people who want to sell you things you don’t need, codependent friends, or just stuff like Facebook, Netflix, politics, religion, or everything else outside of you taking your attention away from you and your powers, the world is a big false distraction. If you choose to dedicate some big time to sitting and with your eyes closed each morning for an hour or two, you would discover that you have just been attached big time to your passing thoughts. By becoming aware of this, you would end up letting go of the thoughts and you would suddenly be connected to something that will answer everything, and take care of everything for you.

It doesn’t need to be labeled. Labels are just a mental attachment that actually block you from connecting to it. But if you sit long enough, you will completely prove to yourself that your fears, limitations, stress, anxiety and addictions are all just the result of you holding on tightly to a passing thought and it’s blocking you from moving forward. This effortless blissful place is you in your natural state. It has been pulled from us but it’s absolutely available 24 hours a day just by choosing to go inward and knowing that your fear based thoughts are an illusion. You are limitless. Go inward and watch some crazy shit happen.

2. Trying to fix a problem is one of the best ways to keep a problem growing. Pretty much everything knows how to heal itself. Just get out of the way.

3. If you need to justify why you should keep something in your life, you might want to consider letting it go.

Everything that actually aligns with you doesn’t need an explanation. You will never find yourself explaining to people why you do things that are your true callings and are with people who you truly love. If you find yourself saying stuff like, “Yes, this job sucks but at least I get overtime.” Or “Yeah that person and I don’t align but they were nice to me that one time.” You are not following your heart and now you need to come up with a mental reason why you are settling. In fact, if you justify anything, this means that the thing you are holding on to can only stimulate you at the level of your mind and not your heart. So if you keep holding on to it, you will be in your head. You will then be sacrificing your true high vibration in order to hold on to the thing that doesn’t fulfill you. The ironic thing is, when you live in your true highest vibration, everything you could ever need will take care of itself and come right to you. Don’t sacrifice your soul in order to hold on to things you don’t truly want. Sacrifice the things you don’t truly want so you can access your soul.

4. The only true reason that you are not happy is the fact that you are in resistance to where you are.

You might think it’s that you have been stressing more lately, but it’s actually the fact that you think you shouldn’t be stressing more lately. You might think it’s the fact that you are broke, but the real problem is the fact that you think you shouldn’t be broke. You might think it’s the fact that something is happening in the world, but it’s actually the fact that you think that thing shouldn’t be happening. What we don’t understand is that when we argue with what is happening, we stop solutions from coming in. We first have to completely accept that it is happening to move to a higher level of consciousness and allow true solutions to surface, both inside you and outside you. The ego in us that feels that our specific certain circumstances shouldn’t be happening is actually delaying the solution. It is happening. It’s happening for a reason you don’t understand. It will continue to happen until you get your ego out of the way and let solutions naturally come in. Your ego, fear and denial of what is happening is batting 1000 percent at not fixing the situation. Maybe we should surrender exactly where we are and allow new solutions, inspired ideas and love to take over in ways we don’t understand. It will all work itself out in magical ways that we can’t see. We just have to get out of the way.

5. We aren’t letting our minds think and feel what they need to think and feel in order to release what they are feeling. Thoughts come up. Those thoughts are thoughts that tried to come up when you were a child and you didn’t feel safe to release. Instead we taught ourselves to resist those thoughts which kept them inside. We then trained ourselves to resist ourselves in order to keep those thoughts in, to stay “safe”. If you sit still and listen to your thoughts, you can be a safe space for them to express themselves safely to you, no matter what they are. If you sit long enough you will actually see a thought coming up, and a part of you trying to resist or change that thought. It’s crazy. All you have to do is be a space for yourself and hear the inner child in you and accept those thoughts. You will actually discover a part of you that’s been pushing down on and resisting yourself. Once you become aware of that and accept that, it will leave. When you stop being at war with yourself you will end all judgement and wars of everything outside of you, which will make those situations better. This doesn’t mean act out on what those thoughts say. It means just let your mind think and feel whatever and listen to it and love it, no matter what. When you do that, they will leave. But they still need to first fully feel expressed inside of you so that they can go. Don’t ever tell yourself the phrase “stop thinking that”. That will for sure keep it coming. Love everything coming up and it will leave very fast. You will then move from being the thoughts to being the space that loves the thoughts.

6. As you keep going deeper, you discover the fact that everything is perfect. The mind loves to convince us that life is better than death, that happiness is better than sadness, that a sunny day is better than a rainy day. By having a preference to anything, you create a resistance to its perceived opposite and this is where your pain truly comes from. We are not here to judge the world outside and try to change it to fit our minds controlling limited viewpoint. Instead we are here to see the love in everything. Everything is you. Everything is in purpose. Even the concept of being out of purpose, is in purpose. Your pain is in your love for some of life, but not all of it. Our resistance to “what is” cuts us off from our soul. Our acceptance of what is connects us to everything and makes way for a true internal healing followed by an external healing. Later you will discover internal and external are the same. We can discover that the judgements that come up in our heads are, and have always been, an illusion. The separation and fear is pure illusion. It’s a movie that we love to insist is real. You are reading a post that YOU wrote. You are me. The only thing that separates us is the illusion of the mind telling us that I am my body, gender, race, past story, nationality etc. But I am you. I am writing from the same place that connects to your core. When we judge others we are insisting that we are the limited mind. But with enough patience and listening to silence, you will witness the minds fears come and go while you remain constant. All of these fears are just a movie that is made incredibly realistically. We are caught in a movie that will eventually reveal itself as false. Even that is perfect. Life is that amazing.

Your embracing and acceptance of everything, including your darkest fears, is where you will reflect a light that has never been seen before. You are love. Period.

7. Nobody has control over us. We are just painfully addicted to giving our power away.

8. Complaining is worship and judgement combined.

9. If you suddenly realized this entire thing was a dream, and you could suddenly do whatever you wanted (other than hurting someone) what would you do? Whatever answer that you came up with, do that.

10. We have no limitations. We are just addicted to them.

11. What to do in this crazy time of chaos:

1. Put your phone on airplane mode.
2. Set the timer for 1 hour from now.
3. Sit with your eyes closed.
4. Notice how many thoughts are coming up with problems that you want to respond to.
5. Notice that responding to that issue would be you in reaction to your mind. Don’t respond, keep sitting there.
6. Continue to sit and just accept the thoughts that come up, but don’t react from them.
7. Just keep listening and loving every fear based thought that is coming up as if it’s a little kid that wants to be heard.
8. Continue to accept yourself and love thoughts that show up so that they can leave.
9. As they leave, new thoughts come up. Love them too.
10. Be surprised to experience that you are the quiet space that is loving the thoughts, as opposed to the thoughts themselves.
11. Stay in this place and continue to go deeper until the alarm goes off.
12. Around 40 minutes in, notice how much more you are connected to your heart over your fear.
13. Make decisions from the heart.
14. Stay connected to this place for the day.
15. Notice when you respond to anyone, it’s from this place. This helps them to do the same for themselves.
16. Be a space of connection and love.
17. Discover all of the by products like love, health, relationship, career benefits that come from living here.
18. Continue to stay here and watch as anxieties and addictions start to become quieter.
19. Start to live life from your heart. Continue this exercise daily for 90 days. You will not be responding from your head any more.
20. Change your entire inner world.
21. Change the planet.
Don’t knock it until you have actually tried it. Go deep and free your soul.
When you’re in your head, you respond to what the world tells you. When you’re in your heart, the world responds to you.

12. Instead of trying to fix a problem, connect with yourself until you are at a vibration where you realize that problems don’t exist, and only new possibilities do.

13. I have a killer recipe for loving yourself. It’s crazy easy.

You need the following:
1/2 cup almond milk
1/4 cup sliced carrots
1 cup water
1 other cup carrots again
2 cups jalepenos
1 egg


Put all of that stuff away.

Sit on a bed for an hour and listen to your thoughts. As the thoughts come up, allow them to be there completely. Accept everything that is coming up and understand that the only reason any stress is there is because you are resisting it. When you allow and accept everything coming up by feeling it, you free yourself completely.

You eventually realize that almost all pain is your resistance to yourself and thoughts of others. Accept the thoughts that come up and watch as your heart brings you total new possibilities. Forgive yourself and free yourself. Realize your resistance to others is only hurting you, not them. Stop being a prisoner to others by hating them. Wish for them to feel good and you will feel good too. Move away from people who drag you down and move towards people who expand you. Free every part of yourself by bringing a new level of yourself to the world.

Turn your oven on and off if you want.

14. The most important thing that this world needs are people who choose to access their heart completely.

When you sit for a while and feel your heart, it can help you to release years of pain, trauma, guilt and more. You let go of your old limiting story and move completely into a place of endless love, fun, creativity and possibility. This is available in all of us and very very few are interested in truly discovering who and what they are and what they are capable of. Once you do that, you can be a completely safe space to let others release their burdens and guilt and more, so they can access their hearts and free others. Almost every person is unnecessarily carrying a load of pain that has been handed down to them from generations in the past. These generations went through horrific traumas and they unconsciously unload it on everyone around them including their families. This could be a time where people will start to forgive themselves and others and we could start the fast process of putting down our old baggage and accessing the creative infinite love that we were meant to be. Love yourself unconditionally. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Give them a chance to free their pain with you. Let’s choose the courage to be in integrity with our highest callings and leap. We can choose to Let go of anything that doesn’t serve us. It’s not a lot of work. It’s a choice. This can happen very quickly if we decide to choose love, over the old life long habit of fear.

15. If you happen to be feeling stressed, it’s probably because you are taking on things that aren’t your highest calling. When you are stressed you are constantly feeling like you are spinning plates and trying to keep things from falling apart. In that holding on, you even hold on to the stress and you become scared to let go of the tension.

Here’s a way to move into your power and drop the excess stress you have been holding on to.

Step 1. Cut off everything and go away into nature for at least ten days. Go into a tent, cabin, an rv park, etc. You will be horrified to get this time off of work, but stay with me.

Step 2. Feel the shift from feeling really stressed to feeling sad. You will swear you are making a mistake and should be back home stressing. You will be scared to feel alone for a bit and want to start calling most of your ex’s.

Notice that the sadness is switching from a bloated, holding back, helpless pain, to a horrified fear of letting this go, to an empty open heart pain of new possibility.

Step 3. Allow the sadness to make you cry. The crying is the actual release of an old story.

It’s the story of what you thought you had to become to get love from your parents. The story is really what you became to prevent yourself from feeling trauma.

Step 4. Notice you are suddenly connected to your body. Addictions feel more and more released. You feel an inner peace you have never felt before. You don’t need anything to be happy.

Step 5. Be surprised to discover the weight you just released emotionally also fell off physically. Your connection to your body finally acknowledges to your body that it doesn’t have to stress as much. Your body was living in a fight or flight world and often holding on to everything out of fear. When stressed, the body often stores fat as a protection mechanism. Now that you are connected and not in a full resistance to yourself, your body can let go. Plan on at least three days of diarrhea.

Step 6. Now you are wide open to receive brilliant insights. Now that you aren’t trying to get anywhere else, you are making yourself open to receive new possibilities that can only show up when you are the present moment. You aren’t blocking possibilities with your old fears anymore and you are stepping into the place to receive your inner calling.

Step 7. You have removed your limited beliefs and are wide open to the idea of anything is possible. You will feel pulled to do incredible things for the world. These things also might pay you way better than the job that didn’t fulfill you. This will be the case the longer that you stay with it. You also don’t have to blow this money on addictions and blood pressure medication!

Step 8. Enjoy your new life with higher awareness. Now that you have done this you have proven to yourself that your connection to yourself takes priority and also takes care of all other issues. You will choose to spend more time alone but you won’t feel lonely any more.

You are freedom, abundance, health, creativity, impact and a relationship with yourself all rolled in one. You now have a knowing and a calling.

You are here for a reason. Surrender completely and discover that reason.

Thank you for choosing love over fear. Let’s do this.

16. When you are consciously asking “How do I do that?”, you might not be in your calling. When you feel connected, open, playful and present, incredible insights and new callings just appear in your body. When something incredibly exciting and expansive calls to you, the “hows” will figure themselves out completely. You will be blown away by how quickly you will have everything you need, both internally and externally, when you follow your truest highest excitement. You won’t even notice that you “didn’t know how to do it.” End the crazy obsession with external attachments and allow yourself to gently let go of the desire to get anywhere. Allow yourself to know that you are complete as is and you don’t need anything to be happy. Ironically when you empty your mind of those fears, you will make room for the guidance to take you on a more fulfilling, more impactful and more abundant life. The only thing to work on is your full acceptance of yourself. Everything else will take care of itself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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