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This Is How To Know You’ve Found Permeant Love

This is permeant love

My current boyfriend just happened.

Unexpectedly, but more beautifully than I could ever imagine.

They say when you aren’t looking for things, they come and it is definitely true. Because when you aren’t expecting it, God will send you what you need just at the right moment.

In the midst of my storm, he came and calmed the waves that threatened to wash over me at a mile a minute.

I was alone, trapped in darkness, and he took my hand and said he would be there and to this day, he still is.

When I cry, he is there to listen to me as I complain and shiver in fear, over and over again.

He reminds me of how beautiful I am and how wonderfully and fearfully I am made in the image of God and most importantly, he doesn’t judge me for having a mental illness. He sees me, the person, beyond my depression and I am so thankful.

I prayed years ago God would send me someone who accepts me for having a mental illness and I wondered why I wasn’t getting the attention from guys that I so desired.

But now I know that God had me covered and hidden, for the one man that would accept my flaws and all and love me, even through the darkest of times.

So, if you are ever asking yourself what unconditional love looks like, it is love that risks it all for someone, even if that person is a mess. It is love that is patient, kind, understanding, sincere, non-judgmental, thoughtful, and supportive.

It’s the type of love that stares you in the face while you scream that you are the epitome of imperfection, but while the words silently slide out of their mouth, they remind you that you are perfect to them and in the eyes of God. 

This type of love makes you feel safe and never wants to see you hurt. 

Because you see, permeant love doesn’t have rules for how to love and doesn’t place conditions on loving you. This love simply exists, without you even having to try. And you know what? You deserve this.

You deserve to be your authentic self in front of the one you love and for them to still love you through everything you have endured, and I want you to know this.

So if you have this type of love, hold on to it like your life depends on it. If you don’t as of yet, keep searching because you deserve nothing more than true, authentic, permeant love in your life. And once you have it, you’ll know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

God first. Friend. Encourager.

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