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Chicago-born, San Diego-based Staff Writer & Producer. Enjoys poetry, sunshine, running, and carbs. You can buy her books here. You can submit your writing here.

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Who you are is someone to be proud of. The way you stand is something to admire. Your faith and strength, your ability to speak when others are against you—those are powerful traits of a powerful girl.

I can’t hate you for leaving because life is too short to hold onto things and people that don’t fill our hearts with happiness and purpose.

Let go of all the pain that has been brought into your life, all the events that have shattered you, that have weakened you, that have shaped and changed you. Let them go.

Love is the moments between wake and sleep, cool body temperatures that spark flames when eyes open. Love is cloudless sky, full of hope and possibility.

I’m learning that I cannot rush—my decisions, God’s plans, or the feelings written on someone else’s heart. I do not have control of this; I must trust, let go, and let life play out.

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