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50 Itty-Bitty Reminders That Life Is Worth Living

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Carol Fernandez

Because there is someone who loves you.

Because whatever has happened to you does not determine where you will go.

Because the past is the past.

Because tomorrow is a new day.

Because there is so much to celebrate.

Because the leaves will fall and still the trees will stand proud.

Because the angry words that left your lips can be restored with healing and love.

Because the sun still rises, and so will you.

Because mistakes, addictions, failure, defeat, death, sin, pain, and brokenness do not define you.

Because there is hope.

Because you are continually growing.

Because nothing stays the same.

Because there are flowers.

Because there are long summer days and birds that sing.

Because there’s a person out there longing to meet someone just like you.

Because you have people who support you, no matter what.

Because you are not alone in whatever you’re feeling.

Because so many beautiful miracles have, can, and will happen for you.

Because you are a child of God.

Because people rely on you.

Because you are strong.

Because you create your self-worth by learning to accept yourself for all your parts and pieces.

Because there is sunshine and rain.

Because there are people you haven’t met and things you haven’t yet experienced.

Because there are beautiful, unknown things to come.

Because fear does not rule over you.

Because there is sand to feel beneath your toes.

Because forgiveness will set you free and help you restart.

Because your story is not over yet.

Because there are new beginnings in every step.

Because strangers have yet to be blessed by your smile.

Because there is music.

Because you will heal.

Because there are books to read.

Because your skin needs to feel the sun.

Because the words on your heart need to be written.

Because you are unique, and no one can tell your tale as well as you can.

Because happiness is found in the most unexpected of places.

Because emotions are beautiful and wild and strange, and you deserve to experience them.

Because there are sunrises and sunsets.

Because there are concerts to attend.

Because there is art to create.

Because there is wine to sip and good food to taste.

Because there are memories to be made.

Because you are noticed and appreciated and valued.

Because time is short and you don’t want to waste it.

Because there are blessings all around you.

Because you have a future to look forward to.

Because you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to touch the beauty around you.

Because you have so much more to see, do, and feel. TC mark

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