No Man Who Loves You Will Ever Dim Your Light

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No man who loves you will ever try to stomp out your wonder. When you come home with stories, vibrant and alive and speaking fast, he will close his eyes and take in your words. He will touch your hands tenderly, as if absorbing your energy through his skin. He will let your excitement wash over him like a cleansing rain. Patient and still, he will listen with not only his ears, but with his heart.

He won’t cover you with a blanket to hide your presence from the world. He won’t diminish you by acting as if what you say is not important. He won’t shoot you down with a dismissive look and his eyes everywhere else but on your face.

A man who loves you won’t silence your spirit; he will be sparked by your passion.

No man who loves you will try to eclipse you. When you take pride in your accomplishments, he will be the one bragging even more. When you smile with satisfaction at the work you’ve done, he will celebrate you. When you falter or fail, when you’re unsure of your next step, when you’re right on the brink of greatness, he will be the one who motivates you, who pushes you, who encourages you to believe in the strength of your skin.

He won’t overshadow you with his own success, shuffling you behind him so he can stand first. He won’t make himself the center of attention when the focus should be on you. He won’t be selfish when it’s time to honor all that you’ve done.

A man who loves you won’t try to outshine you, he will let your presence radiate.

No man who loves you will ever pull you into darkness. No matter what happens to him on this journey, he won’t blame you or make you shoulder his pain. He won’t force you to face what he’s battling internally. He will let you in, he will accept your support and love, but he won’t try to drag you down with him.

He won’t cloud your skies with his pain. He won’t treat you as if you’re the one who has broken him, as if you’re somehow responsible for the way he feels. He won’t use his broken spirit to destroy the love and hope in your heart.

A man who loves you won’t try to shade your sparkling world; he will match your radiance with his resilience, and fight against the shadows of this life.

No man who loves you will ever attempt to steal your brightness. Despite the storms, he won’t try to take pieces of you to add light to his world. He won’t use you for his purpose and abandon you when you need him the most.

He won’t see you for what you can offer. He won’t be so focused on himself that he forgets who you are and what you mean to him. He won’t be tempted to take all that you can give.

A man who loves you won’t thieve your flicker; he will set fire to your flame.

No man who loves you will ever dim your light. He will never let the world cover you, let who he is upstage the incredible person you are, let your spark fade out. When life hands you burdens, he won’t weaken you, he won’t run.

He will share his hope with you, his love with you, even his own glow when your spirit gets tired.

A man who loves you won’t darken your brilliance, but let your two souls—together—illuminate the sky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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