Thought Catalog
June 20, 2014

30 Guys Reveal The Things Girls Think They Don’t Notice, But They Actually Do

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21. Any attempt to hide a bra-less chest.

You are crossing your arms because you aren’t wearing a bra.

22. The state of a woman’s nails.

I do pay attention to nails. I do not think perfect nails tend to be better. I want to see that she works. I want the woman that ends up with my child to fear nothing. Digging up potato is good. Digging up dreams is better.

23. When a girl checks out another girl.

When you check out the hot girl just like all the guys do.

24. Deliberate delays in texting.

How long you take to reply to texts is very, very telling. We can tell when you’re acting aloof.

25. When she only orders what her friends ordered.

We notice that your food order is heavily (like, 99%) influenced by what the first female in the group orders.

First girl orders salad? They’re all getting salad.

And then the next girls try to act as if they’re reaaallyy thinking about what to order, but then salad.