41 People Share Their “Crazy Ex” Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

An unhappy girl
Unsplash / Kevin Laminto

11. Crazy, yes. Impressive? Definitely.

So I was sitting on my front porch with this girl who lived down the block. We were hooking up after I had recently broken up with my psychotic drug addicted ex girlfriend for cheating on me.

So this silver car rolls by that I recognize as her (the ex’s) friend’s vehicle, and WHILE IT’S ROLLING BY MY HOUSE the back door opens up and out rolls my screaming crying psycho ex. The bitch hits the concrete at 10 mph and then jumps up with a baseball bat and starts screaming that she’s gonna kill the other chick. I put the other girl in my house and tried to calm her down. Only a threat of a police call got her to leave.

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