82 Generic White Girl Names And What They Say About Her Personality

Ladies, you’re not alone—read about generic white guy names here.
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

1. Liz: Unapologetically basic. Will Instagram her Starbucks drink and does not give a fuck. Flips her hair a lot.

2. Tara: Wore too much eyeliner in middle school. Shopped at Hot Topic.

3. Natalie: Great hair, bad influence.

4. Lindsay: Probably hot and blonde. Would win The Bachelor.

5. Lindsey: When she bumps into you after not seeing you since middle school, she honestly answers you when you ask “How are you?” It’s never just “I’m good, how are you?” it’s always like “My boyfriend just broke out of rehab.”

6. Olivia: Very chill. Boys love her. You want to hate her, but you can’t.

7. Anne: Who?

8. Annie: Overly attached girlfriend.

9. Allison: Still thinks the Blair Waldorf headband thing is cool.

10. Allie: Drunk right now.

11. Ashley: Crying while looking at herself in the mirror right now.

12. Kristen: Gets along really well with your parents. Puts “knee sock aficionado” in her social media bios.


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