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We’re Okay Now (I Think)

I spent two weeks without any alcohol—and my head stopped hurting in the morning and I didn’t throw up in any kitchen sinks and I didn’t have to make any phone calls to apologize and I didn’t eat a spring roll while sitting on the floor of my shower and I didn’t ever at all think it was an appropriate idea to FaceTime the guy I used to like three times at 3:34AM. I just felt fine.

Wednesday Night

time thoughts

I do this horrible thing to myself where, whenever I see the time and/or date, I instinctively check: What was I doing an hour ago? 24 hours ago? A month ago? A year ago? It’s a NIGHTMARE of a compulsive tick that makes me dwell on the past for several moments.

I Can’t Date You Because I’m An Artsy Cool Boy

Artsy Cool Boy

This is as equally devastating for you as is it for me, but we just can’t be together. Art is driving us apart—and by art I specifically mean mine, because I can’t remember what you told me you did, but I’m an architect. I just need to focus on my craft. And also sleep with other people.

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