23 Perfect Gifts For The Basic White Girl

Want to surprise the basic white girl in your life with a unique gift? That’s too bad; they tend to have very similar Pinterest boards. But here’s a solid list of gifts for your average white girl broken down by corresponding levels of Basic.

Level of Basic: 25

Owns at least 6 different pairs of yoga pants, has frequent emoji convos with her BFF.

1. Cozy abstract leggings with cute owls or elephants or snowflakes.

2. Instagram + Perfect365 app combination.

3. A How-To Guide on taking perfect selfies, mirror-angle bonus pack included.

4. Starbucks gift card.

5. Two Starbucks gift cards.

6. Fro-Yo gift card.

7. Chipotle gift card.

Level of Basic: 50

Loves pumpkin spice Oreos, currently wearing oversized sweater/leggings combo, literally just died.

8. An “I can’t even” emoji.

9. Getting Taylor Swift’s music back on Spotify.

10. A computer program to delete any Facebook status that receives less than 10 likes in the first 20 minutes.

11. That one book she said she loved that one time.

12. A Mason jar craft kit.

Level of Basic: 75

Can’t wait for Pitch Perfect 2, has posted Marilyn Monroe quotes as Facebook statuses.

13. A Spotify premium subscription. The “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist isn’t the same with commercials.

14. A how-to guide on taking the perfect selfie. Mirror-angle pack included.

15. Real-life Pinterest board.

16. A personalized coupon book good for 100 Instagram or Facebook likes.

17. A new set of Instagram filters.

Level of Basic: 100

Still wears Uggs.

18. A stack of venti-sized Starbucks cups with her name and Pumpkin Spice latte order written perfectly.

19. A pass to the front of the line for the day the new iPhone is released.

20. A Gingerbread-Pumpkin-Sweater Weather-Pinecone candle.

21. An oversized scarf.

22. A cure for cancer…

23. …and pre-paid visits to the tanning bed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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