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130+ Things to Do When Bored Out of Your Mind

When boredom sets in, it’s easy to grow restless and agitated. Ideas on what to do suddenly flee your mind or daily routines become sedentary and bland. The best thing to do in this scenario is to use that feeling of extreme boredom as a motivator to find a new hobby or interest. There are several ways to fill time that are entertaining and fulfilling. To find something to do when life gets dull, browse the list below of things to do when bored.

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How to Choose an Activity

Prior to picking which activity is best to free your boredom, there are a couple of factors to evaluate.

  1. Interest: Assess which kind of activity you are partial to. Would you rather be creative or be active? Are you looking for something to do alone or with other people? When looking through the list below, it’s good to have an idea of your interests, so it’s easier to narrow ideas down.
  2. Budget: Another important aspect to evaluate before browsing is budget. How much money are you willing to spend to free your boredom? Are you looking for a free activity, or do you have room to spend a little? If you’re going with a group, are you going to pay, or will the activity be split amongst each party? Knowing how much money you’re willing to spend before skimming the list allows you to make the wisest activity selection.

Things to Do When Bored

Creative Things to Do When Bored

Sometimes the best way to cure boredom is to spark some creativity in your daily life. Whether that means music, writing, or finding some other artistic outlet, getting artsy is a great way to express oneself while solving the crisis of having nothing to do.

Write in a Journal:

If a journal isn’t sitting on your shelf, then make your own out of a pad of paper. Write down how your day is going and what’s going on in your life or, create a fantasy story and develop cool characters. Escape your world by forging a new one!

Paint a Picture:

There are so many mediums when it comes to painting. There are acrylic paints, watercolor paints, oil paints, and more that someone can use to make a picture come to life. Look online for ideas of what to paint or find inspiration in your daily life by painting objects or scenes from your day.

Make Jewelry:

Making jewelry is a great way to spend your time while also creating a nice accessory for you to wear or that you can gift to someone else. Find materials at a local craft store and toy around with colors until your find the perfect design for your signature piece.

Make a Collage:

There are many ways to start a collage, meaning you can create one out of old photos, start one out of collected cards, build one out of magazine clippings, etc. Find a large backing to glue your pieces to and the medium you want to work with, and then you’re good to make a piece that will last a lifetime!

Attempt Origami:

Origami is a fun way to destress while making delicate beings out of paper. Start simple with something like a fish and then work up to fold more elaborate designs. You could even turn the origami pieces into a crane or hang them from the ceiling in a room as dainty decorations.

Take Up Photography:

Getting into a hobby like photography is a great way to spark creativity while also getting out of the house. Play around with the camera at first while photographing multiple different muses to see what you like best. There are so many beautiful things you can capture with a lens.

Upcycle Old Furniture:

Taking old, worn-down furniture and upcycling it into a new, groovy staple is an awesome way to redecorate your home. Creativity will be flowing as you work with fabric, throw on a new coat of paint, or reconfigure an item into a gorgeous, eye-catching piece for your room.

Use an Adult Coloring Book:

Coloring in an adult coloring book is an awesome way to destress while breaking your mind out of the boredom spell. Plus, there are so many designs to choose from, so there is bound to be a cool book you’ll love.

Draw Something Cool:

Instead of the easier option of using an adult coloring book, you could forge your own design by drawing something. Take inspiration from your daily life or find a photo online that you want to recreate. Either way, drawing is bound to get your creativity flowing and kick out your boredom.

Learn to Play a New Instrument:

Playing music is a great way to be creative while playing a beautiful song that others want to listen to. Finding a new instrument to play, such as guitar or piano, is a great way to dedicate yourself to a daily goal and break yourself out of the boredom blues.

Create a Perfect Bucket List:

Break out the pens, stickers, markers, etc., because making the perfect bucket list can be fun! Think through and record some exciting ideas that you want to pursue before passing away. Decorate the list however you like for a creative spin and stash it somewhere private.

Try a New Recipe for Dinner or Lunch:

Cooking is an art form that often slips people’s minds, but it’s a great way to get creative with flavor and serve yourself something delicious. Find a new recipe online to try or reach out to a family member and find one that’s in touch with your roots. This is an awesome way to refuel yourself while doing something fun in the kitchen.

Bake Something New to Share:

Similar to cooking, baking is another way to get creative with flavor while making a yummy treat to indulge in and possibly share with others. Find an old favorite like chocolate chip cookies, or explore a new recipe online to have some fun.

Catalog Old Recipes:

Write down favorite recipes from the past that speak to you. Whether this means cataloging old family recipes or new ones of your own that you’ve explored, this is a great way to archive yummy classics. Make the cards decorative with stickers, stamps, or markers to make the ingredients pop, and laminate them so they’ll last for years.

Make a Scrapbook:

Scrapbooking is a great way to archive memories for a lifetime. Put together a decorative album full of old photos, brochures, tickets, and more that help you remember good times. Decorate each page with stickers, ribbons, words, and more for a fun, creative process that cures your boredom.

Make a DIY Item:

There are so many DIY crafts to choose from that will get your imagination flowing while breaking your boredom. Make your own bath bombs, coasters, flower pots, and more, that upscale your decor and give you a fun project to accomplish.

Take Dance Classes:

Taking a dance class is a great way to get active while learning the art of dance. Pick a class that speaks to you, such as salsa dancing, swing dancing, hip-hop dancing, and so much more.

Try a New Make-up Technique:

Make-up has become a new form of art with many cosmetologists expressing themselves with vibrant creations and techniques on their faces as a canvas. Try to paint your face something brilliant or attempt a new make-up technique that you can use in everyday life. Either way, make-up is bound to break you out of your spell of boredom and spark some imagination.

Make a Floral Arrangement:

A beautiful way to display flowers from your garden is to spruce them up together in a pretty vase on the counter. Pick flowers that stand out and work well together and then mesh them into a vase you have sitting under the shelf. You could also use fake flowers from a local craft store to create your floral arrangement.

Create a Charcuterie Board:

A trend going viral is putting together unique and delicious charcuterie boards to share with family and friends. Pick out some yummy cheeses, fruits, and meats to throw together in an elegant way on a platter. Pair it with some wine and good company to make this art come to life.


Knitting is a hobby that many use to free their boredom and pass the time. There are so many creations you can make for yourself or share with friends, such as hats, scarves, shorts, and more. Pick out your favorite yarn from a local craft store, buy some needles, and get to knitting!


Try your hand at crocheting. Crocheting is another great way to pass the time while making gorgeous, wearable creations. Buy your supplies online or from a local craft store and watch videos to learn how it works. You’ll be on your way to crocheting a scarf in no time!

Sew Something Fun to Wear:

Sewing is a useful skill to learn that will save clothes for years. Either find cool fabric to repurpose into new clothing pieces or revamp some old clothes sitting in the closet. This is a fun way to cure your boredom while adding some spunk to your wardrobe.

Learn Calligraphy:

Calligraphy looks stunning on posters and pieces of art. Learning how to write calligraphy is a great way to get creative and cure boredom while working on a beautiful piece of art to display. Or, write a letter or write a poem to a dear friend to let them know how much they mean to you in a beautiful display of words.

Attempt Woodworking:

Woodworking is unique and tough, but beautiful pieces of furniture and art are created once it’s mastered. Get started with whittling and build up to big pieces that will make your home stand out. Make sure to take all safety precautions as well!

Make Balloon Animals:

A silly way to pass the time is to learn how to tie balloon animals. Clowns make it look easy but twisting balloons into wild shapes is harder than it looks!

Active Things to Do When Bored

Go Dancing:

Go out to a local bar with friends or head to a club for some nighttime fun of dancing. This is a great way to get out of the house, get active, and have a good time while curing your boredom.

Yoga or Stretching:

Practicing yoga or getting in a good deep stretch is a good way to ease your body’s aches, gain some flexibility, and destress your mind. Cure your boredom by starting a positive habit of either yoga or stretching daily.

Take a Walk:

Go for a walk and explore a new park or take a nature walk through the woods and get some fresh air. Taking a walk is a great way to get out of the house, destress your mind, and cure your boredom all at the same time.


Hiking is perfect for working your body while making your way to new vistas. See it as an adventure where you explore a new area, meet some new people, and let nature set you free from your bored mind.


Get out and active by taking a bike ride through your neighborhood or a local park. This is a great way to get some fresh air while working those muscles.

Go Roller Skating:

Roller skating is a great activity that can be done both indoors and outdoors. Head to a roller rink or break out your own skates for a tour of your neighborhood; either way, you’re in for a fun, active time.


Working out is a great way to release endorphins and free up boredom or stress from your mind. Whether your weight train, do a HIIT workout, or just take a walk on a treadmill, this is a great way to get out of your rut while staying moving.


Geocaching has become a popular way to explore new places while getting active and out of the house. Get out of your rut of boredom by starting a new hobby like geocaching.

Go Swimming:

Find a local watering hole or take a trip to a local pool to go swimming. Take some friends with you to make it a fun day trip or go solo to get in some exercise. A dip in nice refreshing water is sure to cure you of your boredom streak.


Running outside is a great way to release any stress from your day while getting some fresh air. Find a running group to join to find friends and hold yourself accountable or run solo for a relaxing afternoon outdoors. If running on a treadmill, blast some music, or put on a good TV show to zone out to while your bored mind runs free.

Go Bowling:

Gather some friends or fly solo to your local bowling alley for a fun afternoon. Get some french fries and bowl away to see if you can break out of your boredom and avoid the gutter.


Go Camping:

Pick a cool location near or far for a weekend camping trip with friends or family. This is a great way to break out of your routine and get some fresh air in nature. Pack your bags and get planning because this trip is sure to free you from your rut.


Grab a blanket and head out for a night of stargazing. Download apps such as Skyview to guide you through the night sky as you find specific stars or constellations. This is perfect for a romantic date night or a fun outing with friends.

Try Beachcombing:

Beachcombing is a great way to get out of the house, not to mention, you get to discover hidden treasures. Head to your local beach to comb the sand for shells, coins, or cool eclectic items.

Tend to Your Garden:

Throughout the warmer months, it’s nice to escape the house and tend to your garden. Plant some new flowers or water the bushes out front. Whatever your garden is like, grab some fresh air and keep it bursting with life.

Paint Rocks to Put in Your Garden:

The Kindness Rocks Project helped promote the trend of painting cool rocks that can be placed in gardens worldwide. Find an interesting rock, pick a design that speaks to your interests, and paint it! Then find a cozy place to display your rock in the garden and let it serve as a daily reminder.

Enjoy an Outdoor Festival in Your Town:

At all times of the year, there are a variety of festivals and events happening near you. Whether a local band is playing music or a food truck event is in town, this is a great way to check out what’s new while curing your boredom.

Window Shop Downtown:

Walk through a local downtown area and shop with a coffee in hand. This allows you to get out and take a breath of fresh air while getting out for a few hours. Whether you actually buy something or not, at least you went out for a bit!


It’s nice to grab some binoculars in the warmer months and explore the trees for unique birds. Find ones that are colorful or discover ones with odd calls, then search for them in a birdwatching book to see which bird they are. This is a relaxing way to pass the time while getting out into nature.

Watch the Sunrise/Sunset:

Head to a cool spot to watch the sunrise or sunset one day. Bring some snacks or gather some friends to enjoy a picturesque view. You can blast some tunes while sitting in the car or relax on a blanket out in nature, but either way, it’ll be beautiful.

Fly a Kite:

On a windy day, a great way to pass the time is to fly a kite in an open field. Buy a kite that strikes you and head out someplace new to watch it fly.

Go Fishing:

A great way to relieve stress and relax is to go fishing at a local watering hole. Either fly solo or grab some friends for a day on the water trying to catch a prized fish. Bring some refreshments along and some snacks too for a nice day in the sun that will ease your mind.

Browse a Local Flea Market:

Flea markets are awesome places to find bargains on all kinds of items such as furniture, jewelry, clothes, and more. Search your local area to see if any flea markets are in town. If so, head out to find a bargain you can’t pass up.

Visit a Local Farmers Market:

A great way to support local business is by buying produce from local farmers at a farmer’s market. Get delicious fruit and vegetables close to home that taste better than anything store-bought! Plan your next trip by checking when the market is open and then head out when you have spare free time.


Read a Book:

Learn something new by reading a book! Either pick something informative or stem out to a genre that keeps you on your toes, like mystery or romance. Reading is great to pass the time while expanding your vocabulary and escaping your bored mind.

Discover New Music:

If you’re feeling bored, try and liven up your life by exploring new music. Search through Youtube or Spotify to find new artists to love and sing along with. New music helps us to express ourselves while jamming out to songs that speak to how we feel.

Enjoy a Bubble Bath:

Drawing a warm bath is a great way to relax and ease your mind. Pour in some Epsom salt to heal your aches and pains, or throw in a bubble bath mix for extra fun and relaxation.

Catch Up With an Old Friend:

Calling or messaging an old friend is a great way to pass the time. Hear how they are and what’s going on in their life to ensure your friendship stays alive and let them know you care.

Take a Nap:

Sometimes boredom and restlessness can stem from us feeling overtired. If you’re feeling sleepy, lay down on the couch and try to take a sound nap. Wake up in an hour or so feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Learn or Play Chess Online:

Whether your a rookie or a pro, a great way to play and practice your chess skills is by playing others online. Visit sites like Lichess or to find opponents that compete on your level and teach you something new.

Play a Video Game:

With so many gaming systems hot on the market, it’s easy to find a fun video game that will consume your time and free your boredom. Look at cool games for the Switch or fun games for the Xbox to find something you want to play and enjoy.

Relax with a Mani-Pedi:

Whether you head to a local nail salon or recreate one in your living room, a manicure or pedicure is a great way to ease your mind. Help yourself relax by pampering yourself and adding some pizzazz to your nails.

Go Shopping:

Retail therapy is the perfect way to unwind when you’re bored. Either online shop and find great deals or head out to stores to hunt down items you didn’t even know you needed. Either way, you’re bound to leave feeling joyful and accomplished.

Get Lost in Youtube:

We’ve all gone down the rabbit hole of Youtube at times, but that’s because it’s perfect at solving boredom. There are videos for everyone and everything, so head on there and search for something funny or nice to ease your mind and get out of your rut.

Get Lost in TikTok:

Another form of social media that’s binge-worthy is TikTok. There are videos for everything that anyone can enjoy, so make your account and find the ones that make you happy.


Relax your mind by learning the art of meditation. Find your zen by listening to a mindfulness video that helps you overcome your boredom.

Visit a Museum:

Whether it’s local or worth a day trip, museums are great places to learn something new while seeing some fun things. Plus, there are museums that pique any sort of interest from history to art and so much more.

Take a Scenic Drive:

Blast some great tunes and head out on the road for a scenic drive that breaks you out of your routine. Drive to a new location and explore or take a local road that’s prettier than anything else. Either way, a scenic drive is bound to break you out of your boredom.

Explore a Local Library:

If you’re looking to read something new, head to a local library and explore. Check out books on all sorts of topics that either entertain you or teach you something new.

Get a Massage:

An awesome way to relax your mind and body is to get a massage. Work the tension out of your muscles while curing your boredom and pampering yourself some. Not to mention how refreshed you feel as you head out the door after it’s over!

Go Thrifting:

Thrifting is the perfect way to cure your boredom while contributing to sustainable initiatives. Find unique pieces of clothing that spruce up your wardrobe while limiting your textile waste. Not to mention the deals you can find on some incredible brands.

Play Solitaire:

A fun way to pass the time is to play a solo game like solitaire. Find a deck of cards and set up a game or play online! Either way, your boredom is sure to subside.

Binge a New TV Series:

Streaming services are the perfect places to find a binge-worthy TV series. Either pick an old favorite like Gilmore Girls or start something new and craze-worthy. This is a perfect way to pass the time and keep your interest peaked.

Watch a New Movie:

Enjoy a blockbuster film that has everyone’s jaw dropping. Order it on your television or stream it online because you need to know what happens in this film! Seeing a new craze-worthy film is a great way to break your boredom.

Learn Magic Tricks:

A fun way to spice up your day is by learning something new, like magic. Maybe you’re not ready to pull a bunny out of your hat quite yet, but card tricks are doable. Then use them to impress your friends or wow your family once they’re mastered.

Die Your Hair:

Add some spunk into your daily life by dying your hair a new color. This is the perfect way to break out of your every day routine and feel brand new.

Collect Something New:

Start a collection of something. There are so many things out there to collect, like coins, dolls, stamps, and more. Find an item that speaks to you and your interests, and then work on hunting it down at different locations.

Brew Your Own Beer:

A cool way to break the mold is to attempt to brew your own beer. This is a great way to see how beer is made if you’re a beer-lover and perhaps learn how to make a beer that’s unique to your likes and tastes.

Try to Beat a World Record:

A fun way to escape boredom is to attempt to beat a world record. Either rally some friends to hold you accountable or try to stomp it out on your own. You’re in for a good time with this one!

Do Wordsearches/Suduko/Crossword Puzzles:

Buy a book from your local grocery store that contains puzzles of all sorts like wordsearches, crosswords, and more. This is perfect for working your mind while freeing yourself from complete boredom.

Do a Puzzle:

Puzzles are an awesome way to work your mind while putting together a beautiful piece of art. Buy something fun or unique that you enjoy putting together and could potentially frame once it’s complete.

With a Group

Have a Movie Night:

Pop some fresh popcorn, set up different kinds of snacks, and have a good old-fashioned movie night with friends.

Game Night:

Break out the best board games and gather some friends for a night of gaming fun. Create some fun appetizers and snacks for the group as the night turns into a friendly, competitive frenzy with a board game or two you all love.

Play a Sport Together:

Play a sport like basketball or tennis with a group of friends to get active while getting out of the house. Sports are the perfect pastime to have some fun while hanging out with friends.

Host a “Chopped” Cooking Competition:

Gather a couple of baskets with wacky ingredients and have friends over for a Chopped competition. See which friend can make the best dish out of the ingredients they are dealt and enjoy a night of yummy eats.

Set Up a Mixology Night:

Have each friend bring the ingredients to make their signature cocktail for everyone. Vote on which ones are the best and test your luck with a new cocktail recipe. This night is bound to get tipsy and fun.

Host Brunch:

Become a pro barista by cheffing up brunch for some loved ones. Make an elegant brunch that everyone can eat up and enjoy together while breaking out of their daily routines.

Go on a Tour of a Local Facility:

Tour a local brewery, winery, chocolate factory, etc., to enjoy some yummy eats while getting out of the house. Make some memories with friends in fun locations where you learn something new about food while eating it too.

Go on a Picnic:

Grab a blanket, a basket, some good eats, and head out on a spontaneous picnic. Invite your closest friends and find a sunny hill to hang out on while you eat delicious snacks and refreshments.

Go to a Sporting Event: 

Whether it’s a high school football game or a minor league baseball game, attending sporting events is a great way to get out of the house. Pick a team to root for, grab some stadium food, and enjoy an afternoon with friends.

Join a Choir:

If you love to sing, join a local choir group. Learn how to harmonize and make some friends in the process.

Join a Book Club:

If reading is your passion, join a local book club to share ideas and thoughts on the latest reads. Make some new friends while enjoying a hobby you’re passionate about.

Visit a New Coffee Shop:

Invite a friend to grab a cup of coffee at the new coffee shop downtown. See what the atmosphere is like and catch up with a friend while scoring some tie out of the house.

Join a Sports League:

With friends or solo, joining a sports league is a great way to meet some buddies while having fun. Pick a sport you’ve played your whole life or branch out and try something new. This is a great way to work your muscles while breaking out of your routine rut.

Have a Bob Ross Painting Night:

Invite some friends over to have a Bob Ross painting night. Gather art supplies and pop open a bottle of wine so you and your closest loved ones can attempt to paint like Bob Ross. Maybe even make a fun competition out of it to reward the painting that ends up the best.

Try an Escape Room:

Gather friends or family to try and escape a difficult escape room. This is a great way to get out of the house and put your mind to the test! Work together to solve intricate puzzles and ultimately break out of whatever imaginary situation you all are stuck in.

Visit an Arcade:

Arcades can be fun at all ages. Buy tokens that grant you access to fun favorites like skeeball or pinball. This is perfect for a night out with friends or for a fun date with someone you’re interested in.

Bury a Time Capsule:

Have your group of friends gather items that mean something to them and pool them together to be buried in a time capsule. Plot out where to bury it and agree to a timeframe of when it’s okay to dig up in the future, then bury those lasting memories. This is a future treat for all of you.

Race Remote Control Cars:

Find cool remote control cars at a local store to race with friends or family. This is a fun way to spark a little competition that has everyone laughing.

Play Charades:

Gather a group of friends for a fun round of charades. Design your own game with unique topics and ideas that are silly to act out and will be enjoyable for all.

Activities to Do When Bored in the Fall:

Tour a Haunted House:

If you’re ever feeling bored in the fall, head to a local haunted house with friends to give your night a jolt.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch:

Explore a local pumpkin patch and pick out the best pumpkin to display on your walkway this fall.

Carve Pumpkins:

If you’re feeling extremely bored, gather some friends this fall to carve pumpkins into cool designs.

Attempt a Corn Maze:

Head to a local fall festival to test your smarts in this fall’s prized corn maze. Can you make it out?

Activities to Do When Bored in the Summer:

Sunbathe at Beach:

Head to the ocean for a day of sunshine and waves. Swim in the water, sunbathe on a towel, or play beach games with friends for a day of fun in the sun.

Play a Summer Sport:

Playing a summer sport like beach volleyball or surfing is the perfect summer activity to meet friends or hang with old ones.

Make a Slip n’ Slide:

The next time you’re bored in the summer, invite some friends over to make a slip n’ slide to cool off in the heat.

Go Boating:

Rent a boat for the day to take a fishing trip or head out to a cool spot to swim at.

Rent a Jetski:

The next time you’re bored in the summer, head to a local watering hole and rent a jetski. What a fun way to spend a hot day!

Go Kayaking:

If you’re looking for a good summer workout, kayaking is the sport for you. Head to a local river or beachfront to work your arms and kayak to some beautiful spots on the water.

Go Canoeing:

Another great way to get on the water in the summer is to take a canoe out. Enjoy some time with friends or head out the next time you want to fish.

Activities to Do When Bored in the Winter

Ice Skate:

The perfect activity for the wintertime is to go ice skating with friends or family.

Build a Snowman:

If there’s snow on the ground, revisit your childhood favorite of building a snowman.

Go Sledding:

You’re never too old to grab a sled and sly down a local snow-covered hill!

Have a Snowball Fight:

If there is snow on the ground this wintertime, head outside to start a snowball fight with friends.

Indoor Rock Climbing:

An awesome way to spend the day during the winter is at an indoor rock climbing facility. Work on your climbing skills while getting out of the house.

Activities to Do When Bored in the Spring

Visit a Botanical Garden:

A beautiful place to visit during the springtime is a botanical garden. Look at the flowers blooming and wander through blossoming plant life for a gorgeous day outdoors.

Start an Herb Garden:

Procure some fresh herbs for your cooking by starting your own herb garden this spring.

Plan a Spring Break Trip:

Plan a spring break trip with friends to escape the chilly days of spring.

Productive Things to Do When Bored

Learn a Foreign Language:

Learning a new language is a great way to work your mind, and it’s easy with free online classes or apps like Duolingo.

Discover a New Skill:

Learn a new skill of all sorts with free online classes through sites like Masterclass. This is a great way to spend your time and work your mind.

Create a Vision Board:

Putting together a vision board is the perfect way to set long-term goals for yourself in a creative way. Use photos, quotes, and more to set up your perfect vision board.

Volunteer at a Pet Shelter:

If you’re an animal lover, volunteering your time at a pet shelter is a perfect way to contribute your free time.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen:

Help out the hungry by volunteering your spare time at a soup kitchen.

Volunteer at a Local Library:

Help out the local library by organizing books in your spare time.

Volunteer at a Nursing Home:

If you’re passionate about helping the elderly, volunteer your time at a nursing home.

Create a Budget Sheet:

A great way to be productive with your time is to organize a budget sheet and prioritize your spending.

Organize Your Closet:

Refresh your space by going through your closet and reorganizing it.

Redecorate a Room:

Is there a room you’ve been dying to redecorate? Now is the time to do that!

Work on a Household Project You’ve Been Procrastinating:

We all have lists of little household tasks we need to accomplish. The next time your bored, dedicate your time to completing that list.

Watch a TED Talk:

Open your mind by watching a TED talk on something you’re interested in; you might even learn something new!

Update Your Resume:

Another productive way to expel your boredom is to revamp your resume.

Audit a Local College Class:

Looking to learn more about a topic? Sign up to audit a local college class on something you’re interested in.

Listen to a Podcast:

Podcasts exist on all sorts of topics. Work on mindfulness, listen to mystery stories, learn about history, and so much more, all with a podcast.

Start a Blog:

Create a cool blog that archives your thoughts about something you’re passionate about. This is a great use of your time while also being creative.

Organize Your Computer:

Files clogging up your desktop? Now that you’re feeling bored take the time to declutter your computer and reorganize your virtual space.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile:

Similar to updating your resume, use your free time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile.

Set Goals for Yourself:

Set new goals for yourself by using a bullet journal or writing them on a whiteboard. This is a great way to start new initiatives and hold yourself accountable.

Make Business Cards:

Present your best professional self by making your own personalized business cards. This is a great way to be productive and creative all at once.

Research Your Family Tree:

Take the time to research more about your roots and find out where you come from.

Pick-Up Litter at a Local Park:

Help the Earth by dedicating your spare time to picking up the litter at a local park.

Organize Your Bookshelf:

Use your boredom as motivation to reorganize your overflowing bookshelf.

Meal Prep:

Take the time to meal prep some great dishes you can eat throughout the week.

Wash Your Car:

You know your dirty car needs some cleaning. Spruce it up with a car wash during this time of extreme boredom.

Catch Up on the News:

If you’re feeling extremely bored, spend time catching up on recent and relevant news.

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