Here Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Comprehensive October Horoscope For 2020

October is a very important month. It is filled with Cardinal energy that begins with the Full Moon in Aries on the very first day and ends with the Full Moon in Taurus on the 31st. Changes are on the horizon and although the year has been filled with changes, now we really get to see them begin. Those old chapters are closing, with this Aries energy pushing us to be brave in our choices. Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd, and this planet will be comfortable with Saturn as a powerful trine forms on October 24th. If you are in a committed relationship, this can be a great period for you. The month will initiate the final Mercury Retrograde of the year beginning on the 13th in Scorpio and it will re-enter Libra on the 27th. Mercury will oppose Uranus on the 7th, so expect the unexpected around this transit. We will experience that New Moon in Libra on the 16th which will oppose Mars, there will be frustrating moments here. A reminder to take it easy. The Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd, allowing us to enter another Water Season filled with the drive and energy that Mars in Aries is delivering. Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars, so this is another surprise awaiting us. Finally, the big star of this show is the Full Moon in Taurus on the 31st. It will oppose Uranus and it will add more of that instability. But by now we should all know to keep calm and be patient while we look onward to November.

Aries – The month begins with a Full Moon in your sign on the first. This is an enlightening period for you, where you fearlessly face challenges with a little more courage and strength. Your card for the month is Judgement, making this even more profound as it will represent your awakening and your moment to shine brighter than before. Venus enters Virgo on October 2nd, another perfect transit for you, since it will continue with the Full Moon’s theme, which is to get back to basics and finding that drive within you. Pluto goes direct on the 4th, once more allowing you to see your path without any fear. The energy of this transit will uplift you (believe it or not) because you now understand the path you will take and are more confident in your career choices. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th, making you experience some nostalgic memories from relationships in the past. However, this New Moon in Libra on the 16th, is a time that will once more have you focusing on you. Let your independent spirit shine this month as it closes with the Full Moon in Taurus, providing you grounding energies that will help you feel powerful and ready to take on the world.

Taurus – Stepping into October you are going to enjoy the Venusian energy with one of the more interesting events, the Full Moon in your sign happening at the end of the month. But the month starts with a Full Moon in Aries which keeps you at pace with work and creativity. Your ruler, Venus changes signs to Virgo on the 2nd, boosting more of your creative energy and fueling more inspiration. This transit has you feeling in your element since it is in a fellow Earth sign. With the Page of Pentacles Reversed this month, you have the vision, the plans but might be lacking in confidence. Do not fret because things look favorable for you especially with Saturn now direct and ready to change signs in the next few months. On the 4th, we will all experience Pluto goes direct, making you more aware of your ideologies and experiences this year. On the 13th, Mercury goes retrograde, making the focal point on relationships for you. Take this time to create peace and not chaos since you might discover some things that relate to your partnerships. On the 16th, the New Moon in Libra will have you focusing on making career moves and changes. The Sun changes signs to Scorpio on the 22nd, another moment that will be highlighting relationships and this transit can be intense. Patience is a virtue this month for you.

Gemini – Many Geminis will want to get their focus back, especially with Saturn currently direct and ready to make its way out of the sign of Capricorn later this year. The benefits of the October transits are that they will have you in your air element. The Emperor Reversed is your card for the month, a sign you are ready to reclaim your power and this Full Moon in Aries on October 1st, is your sign that you are ready and you’ve got this. The transit will have you feeling unstoppable for the next several weeks, your only concern will be to watch what you have to say. Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd, allowing you to get more of that grounding energy at home and to reflect on things. On the 16th, this New Moon in Libra will bring joy and excitement to your life and will make you brave enough to seek a new relationship (if you have been looking). Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th but it will retrograde back in Libra on the 27th, so expect to deal with folks from the past during this transit. But on the same day, Venus enters Libra, boosting your courage and making you more charming to everyone around you. Your card for the month will be reflected here as well, as you reclaim power and control in relationships. The month ends with a powerful Full Moon on the 31st, prompting you to get rest and get prepared for the next month.

Cancer – The Cardinal signs are really going to feel this energy during the month of October. On the 1st day, the Full Moon in Aries is a wakeup call for all of us to make changes, to be fearless and hopeful. Whatever we initiated earlier this year will start to manifest now, so for you this might involve career and your future purpose. The Six of Swords fits perfectly with this transition that you will be going through this month as you look towards the culmination of the year. Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd, allowing you to plan for the next phase with a lot of meticulousness. You will be able to juggle a lot of responsibilities now and your creative energy will be magnified. Pluto direct on the 4th sets the tone with how you approach relationships. What you learned during the retrograde may or may not be applied now. Remember to control your anger since Mars is still wreaking havoc and to think before you speak, especially with Mercury Retrograde beginning on the 13th and it will retrograde back in Libra on the 27th, the same day Venus changes signs. A lot of your focus this month will be on home, so try to maintain the peace and not argue with your partner or friends over irrelevant things. That square to your sign is still present and will persist towards November. The month has us leaping for joy on the 31st, which is Halloween and when the Full Moon enters the sign of Taurus. This will be a doozy, but it will present a favorable sextile to your sign, bringing you closer to friends and enjoying the day as you reconnect and allow yourself some fun with those who care for you.

Leo – This Full Moon in Aries on the 1st will have you amped up since it is in fire and you need that recharge. If you have been in a slump, this energy has you going with ferocity and drive to meet with Mars currently in the same sign. Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd, adding a little boost to finances or you might see an awakening in your self-care routine. Make sure not to splurge this month, but thankfully, the trine Venus will make to Saturn will have us second guessing any impulsive methods. With the New Moon in Libra on the 16th, you have the eye of many and what you say will bring some attention towards you. Be careful not to be too impulsive with Mars in opposition to the Moon and Mercury Retrograding back into Libra on the 27th might make you want to bite your tongue. When the Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd, you will feel settled at home and relaxed but expect some surprises around the second week of this transit. The Eight of Cups appears in your reading showing a very nostalgic vibe that might be brought up during the Full Moon in Taurus on the 31st. This is your month to find the courage to make changes and find strength within. Your friends might help you overcome whatever doubt you feel. Happy Halloween!

VirgoStrength is your card for the month and after this Full Moon transit in Aries, you will be on your way to getting it. This Full Moon will be a reminder of the past and an important moment to confront those fears and pain. Libra Season is a great opportunity to let go, especially with Mars in Aries, making those changes for you, even if it feels uncomfortable. On the 2nd, Venus enters your sign which is a very favorable transit. You will be able to step into the light and feel a little more confident in yourself through all the Aries transits. More of the impact of your past relationships will be highlighted with Pluto going direct on the 4th. A time to move forward and with that Aries impact, finding the strength to cut those ties that bound you. One of the interesting things that this Mercury Retrograde has in store for you on the 13th, will involve reconnecting with friends and family. You might enjoy this transit but there will still be some conflicts with the Mercury opposition to Uranus. Get ready because it will be a bumpy ride. The New Moon in Libra on the 16th has a lighter feel but still stressful. However, this is your moment to truly find yourself through setting goals for a greater foundation in the next six months. It all comes to focus when the Full Moon graces us on the 31st, bringing you enlightenment and optimism for the journey ahead.

Libra – Its finally your birthday season and there are a lot of changes this month for you. October kicks off with a Full Moon in Aries on the 1st, illuminating your house of partnerships and allowing yourself to make those drastic changes you need to bring some inner peace. Relationships that are not serving you might end and those that are stable will be stronger. On the 2nd, Venus enters the sign of Virgo, allowing you to take a relaxing moment to yourself. If you have been working hard, here is a good time to take things easier so you can plan for the future. With the Two of Wands in your reading for the month, you are excited and on the verge of creating new things and abandoning any sense of fear. This will tie in perfectly with the New Moon in your sign on the 16th, a time to set your sights on greater things. Mars is helping you evolve, find your independence and this month will have you in that transformative period. Saturn is direct and Pluto will be joining it on the 4th, a good time to feel stronger since the square to your sign will be alleviated just a bit now that this planet can move on (if only for a bit). Mercury will go retrograde back in your sign on the 27th and Venus also enters your sign that day. Prepare for a lot of communication mishaps, but with Venus there, you might experience a moment of glam and moments of fame (if only temporarily).

Scorpio – We are just a few weeks away from Scorpio season! For now, we will begin this month with the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st, get ready to show everyone once again who is boss. You can handle this as the transit pushes you more into the spotlight and gives you an additional drive to get things done. The benefic Venus transit on the 2nd is a lot more favorable for you since you have the time now to chill with friends, family and even get some positive feedback on social media. Your card for the month is the Seven of Swords Reversed. Remember to be wary of those around you, be careful with what you are handling and to always be on the lookout. You just never know who might be shady around you. Nevertheless, things continue to look up for you this month with Pluto going direct on the 4th, no more tension between you and others. This is great since you will have the insight to properly communicate with others without creating unintentional drama. The Full Moon in your sister sign Taurus appears towards the end of the month on the 31st, a time to let go of people who are not fulfilling your emotional needs or this is a time to change the dynamic in relationships for the better. Expect to level up in friendships or romantic relationships after this transit.

Sagittarius – In a month, we will be entering Scorpio and your season. How time flies. The month begins with a huge Full Moon on the 1st, which is beneficial for you since it is in fellow fire sign Aries. This is a time for you to relax, rejoice and maybe even pursue some romance. With the Two of Pentacles as your card for the month, you re gearing towards making some very important choices that will impact your personal life and perhaps, even your career. Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd and the energy of the card for the month syncs nicely with this transit. It is a favorable and pleasing transit to have amidst all of this air and fire. You will be prompted to be more careful with your work, as you will focus your energy on creating perfection. The New Moon in Libra on the 16th is an important one since it will reflect the fruits of your labor. Stay that extra step ahead, plan, focus and wait. This is not the month for impatience. The month ends with a powerful Full Moon in Taurus, which ties once more to work, career, or school. Many fruitful things can happen now, as a chapter closes. Expect some surprises since it will be conjunct Uranus.

Capricorn – A month riddled with those challenges you are already used to. Your card for the month is the Ten of Wands Reversed, showing that you are going to come out of this with more strength. On the 1st, the Full Moon in Aries will serve as a wakeup call, getting you ready to take charge as the home and career houses are highlighted for you. Try to strike a balance and although it is challenging with Mars bringing some drastic changes to your home dynamics, you are still in command. When Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd, you will adore this grounding energy as it brings you some peace in the Cardinal party. This is a time to get focused, perfect your craft because people will take notice next month. The New Moon in Libra on the 16th is huge for you. Set your intentions, get your work done and refined because this can prove to be a groundbreaking transit for you that will persist until 2021. When Mercury Retrogrades back into the sign of Libra on the 27th (the same day Venus enters Libra), you will do best to treat this transit as a meditative one. If you are filled with frustration, take it easy because it can be brutal for you. Practice patience and keep working hard this month because you will see a lot of successes in November.

Aquarius – With the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st, you are radiating with lots of compassion, devotion, and mental stimulation. This Full Moon transit will put things in perspective as you feel appreciated by both friends and family. Things start to get interesting when Venus enters Virgo on the 2nd. You will be hyper focused on your relationships as well as your own stability. It can be a great transit to heal and confront any pain that has been haunting you. Venus brings a calming and grounding energy that will allow you to let go and feel stronger than before. Pluto direct on the 4th welcomes new focus and purpose. You feel enlightened and more compelled to connect with a higher being. This can be a spiritual transit for you, providing you with more clarity and focus. The New Moon in Libra on the 16th is a time for you to rejoice since it is in fellow air sign. The perfect time to consider learning new things and to explore topics or places you have been curious to see. Venus enters Libra on the 27th, adding the feel of the Seven of Cups energy. Be wary of who is providing you with those beautiful cups or gifts. Stay grounded, be vigilant and enjoy the excitement Libra season will bring you.

Pisces – Graceful Venus will be in your sister sign, Virgo on the 2nd and she will stay there until the 27th. This will be a time filled with excitement for you because Mercury goes retrograde on the 13th in Scorpio. All these transits point that there could be moments where you are pushed to think on the past relationships and if you have struggled to let go, things are looking up in your favor. Pluto goes direct on the 4th and this planet, along with the other three in Capricorn, will contributing to your evolution for the remainder of the year. These are moments to let go of the past and step forward. Your card for the month is the Three of Cups Reversed, again, adding to the theme of letting go and healing. You are in a stage of empowerment especially with this Full Moon in Aries on the first, setting the tone for the next few months. Towards the end of the month, on the 31st, we will witness the Full Moon in Taurus which will be another powerful transit that offers you clarity, momentum, and courage.

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