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Loving Yourself Isn’t Conceited

When you love someone, do you love them based on a small list of acceptable qualities that it is okay to embrace? Of course not, you love them for who they are, and have no shame in making them understand it.

7 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

When you’re dating a narcissist you forever feel like you’re the one going after them. If it doesn’t work out with you, WHATEVER, because the narcissist will just easily coast to the next relationship.

10 Reasons Why People Hate 20-Somethings

Sometimes we do this thing where we DARE to write about our feelings and then publish it somewhere. I know, THE AUDACITY of those Millennials, right? We clearly missed the memo that all writers didn’t start publishing personal work till they hit 30 and that we should spend our 20s just writing pieces about eskimos and World War 1.

Questions For 20-Somethings

Why are you afraid of being bored? Fill your days with work, appointments, dinners out, and clutch your receipts. You have receipts for everything and when someone asks you what you did today, you can just throw them all in their face. These receipts are supposed to fill the center, they’re supposed to fill the void, but they’re just making it wider.

Some Thoughts On Navel Gazing

The self-absorbed pursuit of contemplating our lives is unavoidable. As a social generation it’s natural that we turn this consideration outward, documenting our experiences and asking for feedback from our peers. Navel gazing is our modern philosophy because it considers the questions that are important to us in an effort to gain wisdom — even if that wisdom is how to be a better date.

I Want To Know You

People with kind hearts make me feel dirty. Like I need to give my personality a bath or something. Rub it clean of my neuroses and judgments. But that’s a good thing. When someone inspires you to take a long hard look at yourself and question all of your bad habits, they’re someone worth keeping around.