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Am I A Narcissist, Or Just Kind Of A Bitch?

Am I a narcissist, or just kind of a bitch? Everyone keeps talking about how we’re the “Me” generation. Stories abound about us searching for unicorns, feeling entitled, and thinking we’re above average. But is this trend pathological?

Loving Yourself Is Not Narcissistic

While everyone should absolutely try their best to be kind and thoughtful when meeting someone new, it shouldn’t be a tightrope walk of trying to be less who you actually are, and more what you assume they want you to be.

Winning Your Twenties

I’ve spent so much of my twenties testing myself, seeing how far I could go before I retreated to what felt safe. That’s why I met the man off Grindr. I wanted to see if I could hook up with a stranger and have it feel okay, even though I already knew the answer.