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I Wish I Were A Sociopath

She concluded, without much deliberation, that he’s a bit of a megalomaniac. I recalled the lyrics to an Incubus song on the subject and concurred. She added: “He’s kind of a sociopath, too.”

Wonder What The Secret Of Life Is

Rand’s dislike for the phrase “I’m only human” was more specifically a rejection of the premise of the phrase, which is something like “Humans are inherently lazy and lacking sufficient willpower to uphold personally or culturally assigned values…”

6 Things A Twentysomething Needs In Order To Survive

It might seem like we all live in different places but we actually all reside in the same area code: The Internet, duh! Otherwise known as Narcissist Nation (population: us). Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and our parents, we are now unable to survive without constant validation and accolades.

How To Always Be Unhappy

Always blame things on your parents and childhood. Maybe you were dealt a bad hand and some pretty horrible things happened to you. Or maybe your parents just didn’t buy you enough crap. Whatever the case may be, hold on to terrible things with an iron grip. Never let go.

Seven Things A Twentysomething Can Do

Personally, I feel like I’m the Michael Phelps of suffering from vague mid-grade anxiety. I like to vocalize that I feel anxious at least four times a day. The source is unclear. All I know is that I feel weird, okay?!

An Invitation To My Pity Party

When we’re done finishing off our Klonopin rigatoni dish (imported from Italy and a pharmacy) we’re going to play a game called, “Obsessed With Being Depressed.” The rules go like this: Everyone goes around and talks about how sad they are and then people will try to one up their depression with an even sadder story.