The Makeup Tutorial Women Should Watch Before They Leave The House

This girl is awesome, and I wish there were more women out there like her — we could all use this message from time to time. (And yes, I try not too put too much optimism on my eyes, either.) TC mark

Read this. One woman’s inspiring story of leaving it all behind.

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    I had to reblog this as soon as she said “dabble your eyes with optimism”. This video is amazing – enjoy! :) xoxo

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    Finally someone did a fine make up tutorial that I can undrerstand! ;)

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    First reblog on WordPress, but one worth having.

  • The Makeup Tutorial Women Should Watch Before They Leave The House :video | Homeless in LA ©
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    This girl is AMAZING.

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    Ladies and gents, this is the best perspective I’ve seen [honestly isn’t one that could top this] on “everyday makeup.” Whether you wear makeup or not, we could all learn a thing or two from this wonderful woman!

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    Make up tutorial to be a beautiful and better you. Perfect medium to promote girl power. ♥

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    Love this rather unique makeup tutorial!

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    Amazing video! Definitely thought provoking…… take care of your body inside AND out!

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