The Syntax Of “Lol”

“Lol” is the most passive and trite term in the texting and digital landscape. That’s not to say abbreviating you laughed out loud is meaningless though, as it can take on many implications from its placement: almost none of which include I found what you said to be funny.

The Impotence Of LOL As A Descriptive Acronym

Fast forward to the now and I still don’t know when the hell to throw down a LOL. I mean, when was the last time you typed “LOL” and were actually, physically laughing out loud? It’s rare that one laughs out loud during a typed conversation, but it seems that LOL is thrown around quite gratuitously.

What Your Internet Laugh Says About You

bahahah: You’re a male programmer with a pony tail who’s generally seen as weird/ creepy/ nerdy by your IRL peers and as either a “guru” or a tyrannical dick by your fellow elitist programmers in IRC. You may also employ “mwhahahah.”

A Call to End the Use of “Lol”

Your bro IMs you being like ‘sup’ and you respond ‘hang on, I’m in the middle of something at work’ and they reply ‘lol.’ Or you get an IM like ‘how are you,’ and you go ‘I’m okay, sick of the rain’ and they reply ‘lol,’ or you say ‘I’m good’ and they say ‘lol.’

Using “LOL” Is Good For Society

For example, when I type (say?) lol, I’m often signaling to the other person that I’m about to tell them something light or amusing. In real life, my tone of voice would serve this purpose. Other times I’m just adding the lol to take the edge off.

The Reality of LOL

People definitely use LOL when they LOL. I don’t doubt it. But it has also become a scapegoat. Sometimes there is so much LOLing going on I wonder how anyone could possible be getting through their day without being committed for hysteria. We just don’t do it that often.

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