Your Game Of Thrones Character, Based On Your Zodiac


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“Your heart is fierce, but kept untamed
could scorch a faultless child.
Though cities gladly fall for you,
burn low, lest be exiled.”

The first sign in the zodiac is known not just for its leadership skills and charisma, but also for its impulsiveness and temper (or lack thereof). Aries are unable to sit still and watch helplessly from the sidelines, especially when they know they are capable of fixing a tricky situation themselves. Sometimes, though, people feel overwhelmed by Aries’ aggressiveness.

Daenerys Targaryen is exactly this.


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“There came a man whose hands caressed
a thousand willing virgins.
No lad or dame dared to decline
such carnal, expert flirting.

And even this man’s sensual wife
spit on tradition’s veil,
until one day the Mountain came –
their moans became a wail.”

Prince Oberyn is the stuff of wet-dreams. Devoted, reliable, romantic, classy, and good with his hands ;) Like Taurus, he enjoys the finer things in life and isn’t shy with indulging his hedonism and materialism.

Unfortunately, he can also be ridiculously uncompromising and stubborn when he has a goal, which, as we know, eventually led to his downfall. Maybe learn your lesson from the Red Viper himself and let bygones be bygones? Or at least don’t get cocky and careless when you finally get your chance at revenge after years and years of waiting!


Game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“A water-dancer moves like air,
though damsel-hound they call her.
No One so dared to kill the wolf,
but only made her stronger.”

The twin sign represents two different identities molded as one. With a Gemini, people are often unsure which face they will be shown. Perhaps the social, fun-loving, and affectionate one? Perhaps the restless, cold-hearted, and nomadic one? Or perhaps No One?

The youngest female Stark’s open-mindedness and quick wit, yet slight sense of foreboding, makes her a perfect Gemini. With Arya, you never know what you’re gonna get.


Game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“Who is he who tells no lies?
Come, I bid you forward.
Careful now, for you’ll take flight
if mother trusts not your word.”

Robin Arryn is one of the few GOT characters that seems like he’d be a handful to figure out and pacify. His lack of restraint when it comes to his emotions, plus his over-attachment to his mother, shows he has the characteristics of a Cancer sign.

People born under Cancer are said to be prone to develop mood swings and selfishness as a defense mechanism, if they are not cared for properly. On the plus side, they are extremely loyal to those they are close with, value family and home, and avoid war or physical conflict.


games of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“Forever a cub he will be,
and never next in line.
He gives no shit, and laughs, and says –
‘I’m the god of tits and wine!'”

Of course it would be a Lannister under the Leo sign, and Tyrion Lannister is the best representative for both this House and sign. Despite all the challenges Tyrion faced, his Leo-esque self-confidence, bravery, and smooth-talking has allowed him to survive the harshest of trials.

Clever, creative, and cheeky, Leos are often tempted to be lazy and arrogant owing to their admittedly admirable wit. (Which must be why Tyrion’s favorite past-time is chilling in brothels. Well, besides him avoiding a family who hates him). Why work hard when you’re naturally talented and gifted, right?


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“The White Wolf grew denied and shunned
until its fur turned black.
Now it’s become the King of North
and lays, awaits attack.

With knee-deep snow, the winter fell
over a squabbling land.
The Bastard Wolf unites the folk,
and slays the foe of men.”

Like Jon Snow, Virgos are independent, grounded, kind, and are often misunderstood. Their humility, practicality, and diligence are marks of a competent (though usually unwilling) leader. They have a strong sense of empathy and don’t necessarily like being in the spotlight, yet their skill sets often take them there. This can unfortunately be construed as haughtiness by their enemies.

Sometimes, though, Virgos can become too dedicated to their jobs. Due to a sense of loyalty and fantastic work ethic, they will normally finish a task despite it bringing them no pleasure or gratification.


Game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“A damsel who was born naive
survived the seven hells.
But seeing just her pretty face,
a lad could never tell –
that in her lives a rage so hot,
no lord could ever quell.”

The ruling planet of this sign is Venus – the goddess of love and beauty. What better character to represent Libra than the lovely, gracious, yet flighty Sansa Stark?

Sansa, like Libra, can be vain and indecisive, but at heart she is peaceful, just, and dutiful. She craves partnership (by way of marriage) and/or companionship, because she functions best when she isn’t alone.

Be careful, though! The Lady of Winterfell has been known to suck at choosing sides, was shown to be crafty at playing victim, and is quite capable of holding a grudge.


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“Mysterious, dark, and cold as ice
her fire melts you, still.
Just to become her sun and stars,
the royals’ blood you’ll spill.”

Like Khal Drogo, you are attracted to strength and passion.

Your reclusive personality may make you seem aloof and incapable of intimacy, but under the right circumstances you can actually be more loving than most. You tend to be watchful of your feelings, which means you don’t often open up and present your softer side. People need to earn your respect, you won’t just give it.


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“The Bay of Ice had once a lord
who sold his father’s honor.
Today he travels far and wide
to serve the Mad King’s daughter.”

Jorah Mormont’s wanderlust is enviable. He is an energetic and extrovert globetrotter who readily adapts to different situations.

Like Jorah, Sagittarius are open-minded, idealistic, smart, cultured, and ambitious. They crave the freedom to do what they desire regardless if it harms their relationship with others. Might explain why Jorah thought it was a good idea to sell slaves at the cost of his House’s reputation.


game of thrones
Game Of Thrones

“A mockingbird’s steel dagger
wrecked havoc o’er all.
It caught the seven kingdoms
with simply just a fall.”

Everyone hates Littlefinger. But if he’s anything like a Capricorn, then he possesses a lot of handy qualities – discipline, responsibility, and craftsmanship. Besides being the inventor of chaos, Littlefinger is an accomplished businessman and efficient manager who doesn’t like to do anything half-assed. His work is a fundamental part of his identity.

Littlefinger’s paranoia and common sense allows him to outmaneuver his enemies ahead of time. However, he is unable to move on from the past, is unforgiving, and a know-it-all. Had he learned to forgive from the beginning, none of this shit would’ve happened! (Probably)


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“The Lord of Light, he whispers,
of darkness in the earth.
Keep happy the Red Priestess,
or shadows she will birth.”

It’s quite strange to pair fire-loving Lady Melisandre with an Air sign, but this is exactly where her personality fits. Unconventional, self-sufficient, and emotionally closed off, Melisandre and Aquarius will fight to the death for a cause they believe in.

Their ties with the ruling planet Uranus bestows them a visionary quality – AKA they have a sound perception of the future and a grasp where they will be in life years from now. Their weakness, though, is their fickleness (Melisandre switching from one king to another) and relentlessness (Melisandre’s willingness to kill anyone, even poor Shireen, to achieve her cause’s end goal).


game of thrones astrology
Game Of Thrones

“An Onion Knight they call him,
but he has more to offer.
A smuggler, listener, and an aide –
to children a kind father.”

You’re an oldie, but a goodie, Pisces! Not unlike wise, intuitive, and selfless Ser Davos Seaworth. You both are so compassionate and protective of those you hold dear, that one could even say you would sacrifice yourself for them. (Maybe even a finger, or two)

Because Ser Davos is smart and observant, he is able to learn from other people’s mistakes and better himself in the process, just like this Water sign. He despises unnecessary cruelty, and his friendly nature allows him to enjoy the company of different people from different social statuses. It also helps that he’s a great talker.

Pisces also adore the arts (wood-carved animals, anyone?) and relish in new knowledge. Try not to be overly trusting of your loved ones, though. Sometimes even the people we love can be deadly wrong, and we shouldn’t be afraid to call them out on it. (I’m looking at you, Stannis!)

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