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This Is The Part Of Letting Go That No One Talks About

When it comes to letting go, it’s not just about letting go of the past, but of the future too, and that’s what not many of us were aware of. It’s not just about letting go of someone or your feelings, but about letting go of the whole future you planned with that person too.

It’s about letting go of all the dreams you visualized achieving together. It’s about letting go of your future plans, the concerts you planned to go to together, the vacations you were about to book, the countries you thought about going to together. It’s about knowing that the moments you were longing to experience together won’t happen anymore.

It’s about letting go of the house you created in your mind for the both of you and and how it would be like living together in it for the rest of your lives. It’s about understanding that the life you dreamed of sharing together is not happening anymore. And that all the things you wanted to do together won’t happen any longer.

It’s about accepting that all the things you planned out with that person are gone. No more birthdays together or trips or anniversaries or meeting certain people in each other’s lives. It’s letting go of all the expectations and dreams you had. That’s why it feels so hard sometimes to let go; because it’s not just about the past or the present, it’s about the future too. It’s about tearing down this whole future life that you created in your head and getting real with yourself.

It means that you have to erase all these plans and ideas that you had for how things were supposed to be. It’s about saying goodbye to these dreams and all these plans. It’s about creating a whole new future and new plans and dreams, but this time without that person in the picture. That’s the tricky part about moving on—you have to visualize a whole new future all over again, but this time you have to do it completely without them.

Many of us think that when we let go of certain feelings or when we feel like we have moved on from the past and overcome past memories, we will manage to let go of the other person and there is nothing left for us to work on any longer until it hits us that there is that whole future inside our heads that we built but weren’t aware that we needed to work on too.

Many of us don’t realize that our minds might still be holding on to certain aspirations, and it takes a really long time to figure that out, because when we think of the idea of letting go, we only think of the past when we should also be thinking about the future.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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