8 Beautiful Things About Losing Control

1. We usually start convincing ourselves that we’re in control just as we feel that we’re losing it. I hope this isn’t news to anybody but it is an ineffective coping mechanism. Desiring control usually tips us off to an imbalance in our lives, usually one we didn’t recognize before.

2. When you are able to clearly see what you do and don’t have control over, and you start acting on that, incredible things happen in your life. You give up the need for others’ approval because you know you won’t be able to influence it. You can only control who you are. You make way for the flow of things. You start living in the moment. You get a taste of what it means to love yourself.

3. People who need to be in control are just afraid of something. Figure out what it is that’s really motivating your actions… that’s what you really have to learn to control.

4. Nowhere in history was anything great achieved with certainty and assuredness– everything is, and always has been, a beautiful manifestation of the unfolding that is life. To see a miracle, you need to keep going even when you’re convinced you’ll see defeat: that’s what will make it miraculous.

5. By “letting go of control” you are actually not letting go of anything but the assumptions you had in your mind. Everything else is the same. You are just as in control and out of control regardless of what you believe.

6. We’ve lost touch with the beautiful chaos of life and given it such a bad name… but uncertainty derives things we’ve never seen before. It carves a path for the new and miraculous. Don’t fear the unknown– let it bring you things you yourself couldn’t.

7. It is a mistake to think that hell is drifting and heaven is steering. We usually don’t know where we want to go anyway.

8. And at the end of the day: you aren’t always right. Most often we look back on things and are grateful that control was seized from us. Accept the journey even if you aren’t sure of the destination.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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