Some People Are Temporary Fixes But Not The Cure

Some People Are Temporary Fixes But Not The Cure

Some people are good but only for a limited time, because the longer they stay, the more damage they will cause.

Some people are better loved from a distance because when you get too close you start seeing a different side. A side that doesn’t nourish your soul anymore. A side that doesn’t bring out the best in you anymore. The side that’s opposite from everything they claimed to be. 

Some people are just like a temporary fix but not the cure. They remind you of your capability to love and open up. They dig out the lost emotions you once buried. They make you feel alive again for a certain period of time but they’re not meant to make you feel alive forever, they’re not meant to coexist with you because they will only bring you down. They will hinder your personal growth because they drain all the energy out of you. After a certain period of time, they have to be left alone.

Some people heal you for a moment but hurt you for a lifetime. Some people make you happy occasionally but cause you a lot of pain daily. Some people don’t lie when they say they love you but rarely prove their love to you with the right actions. Some people truly want the best for you but they have no idea what that is. 

And even though it’s a hard pill to swallow, these people will always be the problem rather than the solution. They’ll always be a fix, not a cure. They’ll always be a guest in your house rather than a perennial part of your home.

You can ask all the questions but the answer will always be the same; they’re only in your life for a limited time, they have an expiration date, they’re a temporary fix and we all know that temporary fixes don’t really fix anything. Sometimes they make things worse. And we also know that sometimes we think certain people can fix us but they break us even more. It’s time to fix ourselves and find people who help us heal instead of investing in temporary people and losing ourselves permanently.

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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