God Always Has Reasons, Trust Him

When You’re Lonely, Talk To God

Talk to him, tell him everything.

Tell him about the fears you have and all the ways you think you’re not good enough or why you’re afraid you will never make it. Talk to him about the words your parents said that you can never forget and the way your friends looked at you when you told them about your dreams and how you feel like no one on this earth will ever understand you.

Tell him about the person you love and how heartbroken you are. Tell him you miss them and you wish you could get over them. Tell him that they caused you a lot of pain and you want to just forgive them so you can move on. Tell him that you’re tired of heartbreak and almost relationships. Tell him what you’re looking for. Tell him what your heart desires. Tell him what you really want. Tell him that you need to forgive yourself too and you can’t do it on your own.

Ask him to heal you. Tell him that you can’t count on anyone else anymore. Tell him that you now understand that people can only help you for a little a while but he’s the only who could heal you forever. Tell him that you finally know that he’s the only one you can go to when you’re confused because he’s the only one who has the answers.

Talk to God because he’s always listening, he’s always present, he’s always in every corner and he’s always waiting for the moment you surrender; the moment you look up and say I can’t do it anymore but you can. The moment when you look up and say I have no idea why you’re doing this but I trust you.

Tell him that you trust him. Tell him that you have faith in his plans, in his timing, in his lessons and his miracles. Tell him that you believe in him and his miracles. Tell him that he is enough. Tell him that you don’t need to talk to anyone else.

But more importantly, thank him. Thank him for the blessings you take for granted every day. Thank him for the things he took away from you so he can give you something better. Thank him for all the ways he’s making you grow and all the ways he’s giving you strength. Thank him for giving you hope and giving you the resilience you need to leave everything familiar behind and start over. Thank him for giving you the will to live no matter how hard your life has been. Thank him for everything because he wants you to remember how lucky you really are and he wants you to count your blessings before he blesses you with more.

Tell him everything. Even though he knows everything you want to say. He wants to hear your voice. He wants you to open up to him. He wants you to keep getting closer. He wants you to know that you’re never as lonely as you think you are because he’s always with you and that should be more than enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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