Heartbreak Is God's Way Of Telling You That He Has Something Exponentially Better For You

Heartbreak Is God’s Way Of Telling You That He Has Something Exponentially Better For You

Today I received some very interesting news about someone I really liked, and by interesting, I mean shocking. News that shocked me but also made me very thankful that it didn’t work out between us because he would have made my life a living hell. If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said he’s the one for me. Actually, I was almost certain he was but after receiving today’s tough news, I truly wonder what I was thinking and how attraction can be so devious. It can totally blind you. 

I remember last year when things fell apart, I was devastated and hurt and I kept asking God why he’s being so unfair to me and why he can’t just answer my prayers and give me what my heart desires, but I find myself thinking what actually would have happened if things had worked out, knowing what I know now, I would have been the biggest fool on the planet. I would have been the joke of the town.

And this confirmed what I already know — what I sometimes forget to remember: God always has a better plan. God is always saving you from things you don’t know could harm you. God is not being unjust when he takes something you wanted away from you, he’s just saving you from future predicaments you would have never even thought about.

This is not the first time I hear something about someone I used to like or someone I dated that makes me secretly thankful that it didn’t work out, which got me thinking, is heartbreak really heartbreaking or is it liberating? Is heartbreak overrated? Are we romanticizing the concept of heartbreak a little bit more than we should?

Because the way I see it is every so-called ‘heartbreak’ was better for me, I was being saved from something malicious or someone manipulative. Every heartbreak was a wake-up call that I needed to change something about myself to be a better person. Every heartbreak eventually set me free.

I love the universe sometimes, on a random day, when you feel agitated and frustrated that life is not going your way, you hear news like that and it automatically shifts your perspective. It makes you realize that you’ll just never have all the answers and you will never understand what’s really best for you no matter how wise you think you are.

I also love God because he’s looking out for me. Even when I think he’s not, he is. I’m now learning to appreciate every single goodbye, every single heartbreak, every single setback because I’m looking forward to the day I wake up and hear the exact reason why it never worked out, why it was never meant to be and thank God for taking it away because it will all make perfect sense. God is good. God is great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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