People Can Heal You For A Little While But Only God Can Heal You Forever

Yoann Boyer

People can heal you. Your friends can keep you strong on your weakest days. Your partner can make you feel loved at your lowest. Your parents can support you when you need help. Your therapist can try to fix your brain but no one can truly fix your heart, no one can truly purify your soul and no one can truly give you the peace of mind you need except God.

God is the only healer you can truly count on. God is the only one who can solve all your problems.

I think we got used to depending on people to save us and we forgot that sometimes these people need saving too. They’re just like us, helpless and confused in their own way.

We forget to look up and ask the true savior; the one who can save a nation, the one who can save the world.

We forget to look up and ask the one with all the answers. The right answers. The final answers.

We forget to look up and ask for our dreams, ask for our miracles to the only one who can make them come true. To the only one who can truly change our lives.

People can heal us temporarily, people can guide us to heal ourselves but no one can erase the pain except for God. No one can truly understand what we’re going through — not even ourselves — as well as he can.

If you want to be healed forever, ask God to heal you.

If you want to feel loved whether you’re single or in a relationship, ask God to love you.

If you want to be happy even when everything in your life is going wrong, ask God to bring you happiness and strengthen your faith.

If you want to start over, if you’re tired of everything in your life, if you can’t stand living another day, ask God to save you. Ask God to give you a second chance. Ask God to make you feel alive again.

Because the more you gamble on people, the more you lose but if you gamble on God, you’ll always be a winner.

People are crucial  to our well-being, they could be angels sent to us from God to help us get through our difficulties and enjoy our lives but sometimes we give them too much credit that we forget they’re just like us. Lost in their own way, looking for their own answers. We forget that even angels need God, they still go back to him for answers. Sometimes we think people know better, we think that just because they seem to have the life we want they can help us live better. But sometimes, they barely made it on their own, sometimes they just lucked out and sometimes they don’t exactly know how they got there either. They don’t have a manual for you to follow.

But God knows, he has a manual just for you, he has a manual with your name on it, he’s just waiting for you to knock on his door and ask him for it, instead of going to those who need their own manual.

Healing is a tough job and God is the only one who can truly get the job perfectly done. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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