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The Greatest Girl You’ll Ever Date Will Do These 15 Things

1. She’ll believe in you.

If you have dreams, she’ll not only encourage you to follow them, she’ll believe that one day you’ll make it all happen. The greatest girl you’ll ever date will never doubt you.

2. She’ll support you.

She’ll do whatever she can to be there for the moments that matter to you. Whether it’s your passion, your hobby, or something you’ve worked really hard for, she’ll make sure to show up and cheer you on the entire time.

3. She’ll check up on you.

She worries about you. Not in an overbearing way, but in a way that when you’re hurting, she’s hurting, and she just wants you to be happy. She wants you to be your best.

4. She’ll try to take care of you.

When you’re not at your best, she’ll try to do whatever she can to get you there. She’ll bring you a pint of your favorite ice cream when you’ve had the worst day ever, she’ll send you a card of an inside joke that only you understand when you really just need to laugh or smile, she’ll make you feel better by doing the little things that actually mean the world to you.

5. She’ll listen to you.

She won’t nod off your concerns like they don’t matter, she won’t only talk about herself. She’ll actively listen to everything you tell her. She’ll listen to your hopes and dreams, she’ll listen to your meaningless vents, she’ll listen to the things that are very important, and even the things that aren’t. When you speak, she hears you, and she doesn’t make judgements or assumptions about your feelings.

6. She’ll be there when you need her.

If it matters to you, she’ll be there, even when you claim it doesn’t or it’s not that big of deal, she’ll still be there. She’s there for you at the times when you don’t want to admit you need her to be.

7. She’ll be honest with you.

She won’t lie to you. Even if honesty hurts, even if the truth hurts, she’ll give it to you. The greatest girl you’ll ever date knows that honesty is almost always more important than protecting someone’s feelings.

8. She’ll trust that you’re honest with her.

She doesn’t think expecting honesty from you is expecting too much. For her, honesty is a completely justified expectation, and when she’s completely honest with you, she’ll expect it to be reciprocated.

9. She’ll have her own life.

She won’t make you her life, she had a life before you, and she still has one when she’s with you. She has her own friends, her own interests, her own career and ambitions. She’ll share her life with you, but she won’t make her world revolve around yours.

10. She’ll understand that you have your own life too.

She understands that she is not your entire world. She doesn’t expect to be the center of your universe, and she doesn’t expect you to drop your life for her. She wants you to have your own life, she wants you to continue to do the things that motivate you and make you happy, even if they don’t always involve her. She wants to be included, but she doesn’t need to be the star.

11. She’ll bring you around the ones she loves.

She won’t keep you separate. She’ll include you. She’ll tell you about her Friendsgiving, she’ll invite you to her family’s holiday party. She wants the people she loves to meet you because she knows they’ll love you just as much as she does, and she knows you’ll fit right in.

12. She’ll respect the people you love.

She might not love every person you love, but she’ll respect them. The greatest girl you’ll ever date knows that even if these people don’t deserve her respect, she’ll give be big enough to give it to them (but only because you care about them, not because she does).

13. She’ll be consistent.

Her love is never absent or late, and it doesn’t have bad timing, it’s consistent. And consistency isn’t difficult for her.

14. She’ll be her imperfect self.

She won’t be afraid to show you who she really is even if that means revealing the most fragile parts of herself and her life. She knows vulnerability takes a lot of guts, and she has enough to show you that she’s not perfect; she’s not going to fool you into thinking that she is.

15. She’ll accept you for who you truly are.

She doesn’t want you to be anyone else. She loves everything about who you are, even the parts you don’t love about yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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