Say These 5 Sweet Things To Your Girlfriend So She Knows You’re All In

Have you found the girl of your dreams? Are you wondering what kind of sweet things to say to your girlfriend to let you know you are all in?

Men are often at a loss about what they can do to make their women know that they are the best thing in their life. What women want tends to be different from what men do so it’s not necessarily intuitive for them to know what makes us happy.

I can tell you this – women love to communicate. They love to give and take and share. Men don’t always understand the importance of this so they often keep their mouths shut, at a loss to what to say.

If you want to know some sweet things to say to your girlfriend to let her know you are all in, let me help!

Here are some ideas:

1. I don’t know what to do.

One time, my boyfriend and I were arguing about something. I am not sure what. I stormed out of the room and he didn’t follow me. I was puttering around my room, angry at whatever we were fighting about and then he walked in and said I don’t know what to do.

These words instantaneously diffused my anger?

Why? Because my boyfriend didn’t know what to do. He had no idea what to do. And instead of going silent, or taking a stab at trying to fix things or sticking to his side of the argument, he was honest and went out on a limb and told me.

Oh man, did I love him more for that. And I realized that he didn’t know what to do and that I had to cut him some slack, both that time and going forward. We rarely argue now – we are clear about what we need and don’t know what to do and we keep the peace.

2. That must be really hard. What can I do for you right now?

Do you know the nail in the head video?

In it, a woman is talking about how much pain she has in her head and how somedays she doesn’t know if she can live with it any longer. The camera pans out and we see that she has a nail in her forehead. Her well-meaning boyfriend points out that, perhaps, if she removed the nail she would feel better.

This doesn’t go over well. She gets mad at him for trying to fix her when she just wants him to listen. He does and she is happy.

So, next time your girl is upset, listen. And when you are done listening, acknowledge what you heard and empathize with the emotional turmoil that she is in. And then, not trying to fix her, ask her what you can do right then to make her happy.

This is seriously one of the sweetest things that you to say to your girlfriend.

She might not know the answer but she will appreciate the empathy and that you want to support her without fixing her. That will mean the world to her and she will know that she is important to you.

3. When I see you, my heart skips a beat.

We women have been raised on Rom-coms, admittedly not the best example of real life love. But it is what it is and there are certain things that we hope that our relationship will have in spades.

One of the most important of those is that your heart skips a beat when you see us. That you have a physical reaction (other than the one you are thinking of right now) that reminds you of how much you love us.

So, if you want to make your woman feel well and truly loved, tell her just that – that when coming back together after being apart, that your heart feels full and that you are happy.

4. You look hot.

I know, in this day and age we don’t want to put the emphasis on looks. Smarts, emotional IQs, happiness and kindness are all important parts of a woman’s makeup and things that she wants to be recognized for by her man.

That being said, every woman wants to know that her man thinks that she is hot. She wants to know that he checks her out when she walks into the room, that seeing her walk around naked is the highlight of his day and that making love to her rocks his world.

So, if you refrain from telling her girl that her physical appearance rocks your world, don’t! She needs to hear it from you and telling her will make her understand how much she means to you.

5. I am sorry I hurt you. What can I do to make it up to you?

Apologies are important in every relationship. They can make or break even a happy one but they are often done incorrectly.

What do I mean? Here is an example:

A man comes home from work late. His boss kept him there later than he thought and he missed dinner with his family. His wife is fuming. He says I am sorry BUT my boss kept me there and I figured that you would understand.

Any apology followed by a ‘but’ immediately negates it. The reality is the reason why his wife was fuming was because she was hurt that he wasn’t home and that he didn’t call to tell her. She was hurt.

One of the sweetest things to say to your girlfriend is actually something that you don’t say – but!

So, what makes up a good apology? One that you can give your woman that will make her feel like you care? I am sorry I hurt you. What can I do to make it up to you?

The most important part of an apology is acknowledging that you hurt someone. Even if you feel like what you did was unavoidable, you still hurt them. Acknowledging that and owning it will diffuse the situation right away.

And, if you give your partner the opportunity to let you know how to fix it, you can move on and get around to the fixing it part, which is way more fun!

Looking for sweet things to say to your girlfriend so she knows how you feel about her is an excellent step in forging a strong relationship.

The 5 Love Languages (if you don’t know it, look it up) posits that we all feel love in certain ways: quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, gift-giving and doing tasks. And I do believe this idea to be true.

That being said, women need to hear it from you. They need to have the words come out of your mouth and soak into their heart and their brain.

And don’t forget, the most important one: I love you. I know that you might think that she knows that one but she still likes to hear it. Every day.

So, go forth. Use your words. Let your girlfriend know that she is the one for you!

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Mitzi Bockmann