8 Little Ways A Libra Woman Will Capture Your Heart

8 Little Ways A Libra Woman Will Capture Your Heart

1. Her smile

A Libra woman is known for her captivating smile. She has the ability to make even the most stony-faced person laugh. Their natural ability to light up any room with their radiant smiles is just one of the ways she will melt your heart. It is something that she does not have to force. A Libra woman will leave a long-lasting impression on every person that she encounters. When the corners of her mouth form an upward curve and her eyes light up, she will make you remember every time why you want to be with her. You can’t help but be drawn in by the Libra woman’s smile that will brighten up your life.

2. She is chill AF

A Libra woman is pretty laid-back and is known for her easy-going nature. She is happy to spend her weekends chilling at home with you, on the sofa, eating nachos with a good movie. But on the flip-side, she is equally satisfied hitting the town, knocking back shots at the bar and pulling an all-nighter. She doesn’t feel the need to get too worked up over every stressful situation in her life. That is not to say she does not care. But why stress? She will be the balance that you need in your life. She will be the ying to your yang.

3. She is smart

A Libra woman is known for her intellect. She may not let you know from your first encounter with her. Taking note and being attentive to what you have to say, she will amaze you with her vast knowledge. You will never know this until you get to fully understand her beyond a superficial level. This is the side of her that you want to get know more of. You won’t have to dig too deep as she is a great conversationalist. She will seduce your mind but wants you to be able to do the same for her.

4. She has got your back

A Libra woman believes in loyalty. She will support you and respect the decisions that you choose to make. She will have your back through the good and the bad times. They have a tendency to put the happiness of their partner above their own which some may see as a bad thing. But for the Libra woman, she will give everything to you as long as she gets respect and loyalty from you in return. She can have a room full of admirers but will only have eyes for you.

5. She will keep you interested

A Libra woman knows how to flirt and she knows how to flirt well. Despite being a true romantic at heart, she will gain your attention through her flirtatious demeanor. It is not at all subtle and you will know that she has her eyes on you. She may be a little bit shy at first but that is all part of the attraction. Flirt back and you will be craving your Libra lady even more.

6. She is a lover not a fighter

A Libra woman has an intense sensual side. She enjoys intimacy and loves it when you take control in the bedroom. She will not hesitate to initiate sex and wants to satisfy her partner. She is uninhibited and is a truly passionate lover. She has a kinky side that only those that get close enough get to enjoy. As long as you can stimulate her mind she will keep you entertained. A Libra woman is certainly known for being a lover and not a fighter. Just don’t piss her off.

7. She is honest

A Libra woman is known for being trustworthy and she is that person that anyone can confide in. Your secrets are safe with a Libra. She is a firm believer in being straight up with you and is unapologetic in her pursuit of being 100 percent real with you. If they truly care for you they will not give you half-truths. They hate petty gossip and lies. So as long as you remain by their side they will forever be your rock.

8. She will make you want to be a better person

A Libra woman is always on a journey to become a better version of herself. She wants to take you on that journey with her. She sets high standards for herself and is always striving to do better and be better. She will push herself in life, in love and career. There are no limits to what she can achieve and she will inspire you to be great. This woman knows how to capture your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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