Melisa Ergin

Following my heart and writing about where it takes me.

A Thank You To My Best Friends: My Real Soulmates

It’s rare in life to find someone who understands you. Someone who can tell what you’re feeling with just a look or a smirk or an eye roll. Someone who can figure out how you’re feeling, when sometimes you can’t even find the words to express it yourself.

Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Thank you for not respecting me. For never appreciating anything I did. Thanks to you I now know when I should walk out of a relationship.

To My Brother On His High School Graduation

As cheesy as it sounds, always believe in yourself. You may be extremely stubborn, and sometimes you don’t see how truly spectacular you are, but I know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Please, Let Me Chase You

You cared about me so much, and the thing is, I cared about you too. But I was too busy. Too busy with the guys that would break my heart. Too busy trying to change them into you.