11 Poems By Rupi Kaur That Will Mend Your Broken Heart



“if you are broken
and they have left you
do not question whether you were
the problem was
you were so enough
they were not able to carry it”


“what’s it to me
if you love me or
miss me or need me
when you are doing
nothing to be with me
if you can’t allow me to be
the love of your life i will be
the loss of your life instead”


“i will not have you
walk in and out of me
like an open doorway when
I have too many miracles
happening inside me to be
your convenient option”


“she is water
soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away”


“i have dug my way
out the ground
with palm and fist many times
my whole life has been
one burial after another
i will find my way
out of you just fine”


“and here you are living
despite it all”


“if you were born with
the weakness to fall
you were born with
the strength to rise”


“you were not wrong for leaving
you were wrong for coming back
and thinking
you could have me
when it was convenient
and leave when it was not”


“it was when i stopped searching for home within others
and lifted the foundations of home within myself
i found there were no roots more intimate
than those between a mind and body
that have decided to be whole”


“what i miss most is how you loved me. but what i didn’t know. was how you loved me had so much to do with the person i was. it was a reflection of everything i gave to you coming back to me. how did i not see that. how. did i sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way. when it was i that taught you. when it was i that showed you how to fill. the way i needed to be filled. how cruel i was to myself. giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty. simply because you refused to take your eyes off it. as if i was already not these things before i met you. as if i did not remain all these once you left.”


“what is stronger
than the human heart
which shatters over and over
and still lives” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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