Please, Let Me Chase You


You were always there, but I never noticed.

You told me you loved me, but I didn’t care. You watched me fall for guy after guy; guys that weren’t you. But you loved me all the same.

You watched me get hurt, knowing that you never would have treated me like they do. You were the good guy, the nice one. The one I kept as a friend.

I kissed you when I was drunk, and pushed you away when I was sober.

I hurt you, and for that I’m sorry.

I changed you, and I wish I hadn’t.

While I was getting my heart broken, I never realized I was breaking yours. While I was chasing after the bad boy, I never realized that you were chasing me.

I took you for granted, and that wasn’t fair. I was only 18 when I met you: young and naïve. You were the boy I should have wanted. The boy that would have kept me safe. The one who would have kept his promises.

You were the one who would have made me happy, the one who wouldn’t have cheated, the one who wouldn’t have broken my heart – but I never gave you a chance to prove it. You said all the right things at exactly the right time. You were the shoulder I could always cry on. You were the one I always missed.

You cared about me so much, and the thing is, I cared about you too.

But I was too busy. Too busy with the guys that would break my heart. Too busy playing the game. Too busy trying to change the guys I was with.

Too busy trying to change them into you.

Now I’m standing here, hoping you will give me another chance. Hoping that deep inside, you are still that boy. The one who loved me, the one that cared.

Now I’m standing here, hoping you’ll let me prove to you that I can love you, and that I can care too.

Now I’m standing here, hoping that you’ll let me chase you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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