20 Room Hacks To Make Your Home Look Instagram-Worthy On A Budget

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1. Use vertical space such as shelves or racks to increase walking room and reduce the feeling of clutter.

2. Put a large mirror (or many small mirrors to save money) on one wall to make the space appear bigger than it is.

3. Add succulents and other cheap plants to make the room the room look more put-together. (Pro tip: you can get cheap plants at IKEA and Trader Joe’s.)

4. Fill a bowl full of lemons for a classy, clean effect. (Seriously, you’ll look like you have your life together, plus you’ll have a lemon for every occasion!)

5. Organize your kitchen with glass jars.

6. Use thrift stores and yard sales to collect cheap, unique furniture and decor. (Just be sure to clean everything once you buy it!)

7. Make like Marie Kondo and get rid of clutter.

8. Use the power of the Internet to find websites that sell discount furnishings (like Copycat Chic).

9. Plan your space in advance—if you know what you’re looking for, you can compare prices and find the cheapest options.

10. Become a minimalist—not only will your space look clean and polished, but you won’t have to spend money on excess to fill up your space.

11. Get cheap, warm LED light strips to run around your space for a cozy, Instagrammable look.

12. Be patient (remind yourself you don’t need to fill up every space immediately) and always look in the clearance section.

13. If you’re going to put something on the wall, make sure it’s framed. (Pro tip: frames are MUCH cheaper if you buy them used!)

14. Use hidden areas, like under your bed or the back of closets, to store clutter (preferably neatly and in tubs).

15. Command tape is a cheap, easy way to hang wall decor.

16. Make sure to consistently clean—it makes all the difference.

17. Use lamps instead of overhead lighting for a cozier feel.

18. Paint your walls with light colors so the room appears brighter. (And if you can afford to paint the ceiling a few shades lighter, it’ll make the room look bigger.)

19. Don’t put your bed against the wall—keeping it more centered makes the room look more open.

20. For cheap, “high quality” art, cut out and frame calendar pages. If you choose a good calendar, you’ll have 12 pieces for relatively cheap! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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