What Your Perfect Summer Looks Like, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type


Passing the swimming test at the local pool for the first time. Going to a big box store to buy cups and hamburger buns for a backyard barbecue. Pulling the wrapper off of an icy twin pop.


The smell of freshly cut grass. Finishing the summer reading just before the deadline for a prize. Drinking iced coffee after a bike ride.


The sound of a stopwatch resetting. A heavy storm bank unfurling at the edge of the ocean. Ticket stubs ripped cleanly in half.


Colorful balloons bobbing in the wind. The taste of cotton candy. A kiss in the warm summer rain.


The taste of a slushee from the corner store. A perfect tan in June. A freshly detailed car marred by an abundance of Starbucks cups.


Watching lightning bugs twinkle in the backyard. Going for a morning walk through the forest before it gets hot outside. The sound of the ocean lapping happily against the shore.


The sound of a lawnmower roaring. A pool float drifting lazily in an aqua blue pool. The first sip of an ice-cold soda.


The sounds of birds at dusk. A handpicked wildflower bouquet drying on a windowsill. A sketchbook worn all around the edges.


A telescope aimed at the stars on a clear night. A stormy sea. Walking into a library with nothing but time and a knowledge of the best places to sit.


The “woosh” of air conditioning when you walk into a mall. The smell of burned fireworks. Watching a sailboat glide neatly through a clear blue lake.


The summer drink menu at Starbucks. A vinyl record played on loop. The sound of cicadas as heard from a hammock.


A cool morning on a lake, the sunrise reflecting in the pristine water. The kind of unearthly stillness that can only be found when hiking in a national park. The feeling of henna being applied.


Drinking bubble tea while walking around a mall. Getting ready for an epic Friday night. A drink menu made up entirely of novelty shots.


The smell of SPF 50 chapstick. A complicated drinking game that gets harder to explain every time it gets played. The feeling of trying on a great looking swimsuit.


Sunglasses that slip down your nose. Sneaking up a hill with your friends to watch fireworks that the country club is setting off. Driving aimlessly with the windows down and the radio up.


Eating sunflower seeds. Setting off flares at 2 AM, hoping the trees block the sight from passing aircraft. The smell of hot asphalt in a hotel parking lot.

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Kathleen-June Horne

I believe that a good personality is the best accessory