20 Things You’ll Probably Wish You Didn’t Know About Dead Bodies

14. Bodies make a ‘zombie’ gargling sound when you move them.

“Bodies make a ‘zombie’ gargling sound when you move them. The air trapped in lungs/stomach is released and is usually followed by a strong stench.

Dressing up a dead body isn’t something the relatives want to see. Besides the gargling sound, it involves putting bodies in weird positions to properly dress them up.

Usually we put bandage around the head to keep the mouth shut because it’s creepy to watch a dead body with jaws wide open.

I’ve had the pleasure to put clothes on a body with relatives observing me. I had to put him in sitting position with me hugging him when the bandage accidentally fell off. He opened his jaws, released a long sight, followed by a gargling sound. The relatives almost went batshit crazy.

Do you think you’ll rest peacefully once you’re in a grave? Wrong. Old skeletons are dug out when the new owner/family member is being buried on the same spot. We mix the remains with the soil and rebury them back on top of new casket when the funeral is over. Sometimes when the old body is still ‘fresh’ inside (it depends on the soil, I’ve seen 15 years old body fully preserved) and the grave is too shallow we have no choice but to chop up the old casket to make space.”


15. Why obese bodies go into the crematory oven first.

“If the body is morbidly obese they are the first to go into the crematory oven that day. The oven needs some time to warm up and their fat can burn of slowly. If you don’t do this their fat will melt and flood the oven and flow out.”


16. Certain health conditions can cause a body to turn ‘Shrek green’ when embalmed.

“My best friend’s husband is a mortician. He told me that certain health conditions (don’t remember because wine) can cause a body to turn ‘Shrek green’ when embalmed. He had this happen to a man recently, and had to paint him the right color. (The hospital records don’t come with the bodies, so they don’t always know when they have this condition.)”

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