20 Things You’ll Probably Wish You Didn’t Know About Dead Bodies

2. They will sometimes sit up and make noises.

“Ugh, so I work in a psychiatric facility in the north—sometimes when clients die, the weather may not permit or allow the coroner/medical examiner to arrive in a timely manner to retrieve the body. So, there was once a client who had been dead for about a 12 hour period—she was seated/propped up in her bed during this time. Well, by the time the coroner had arrive and performed his examination, the first phases of rigor mortis had come and gone. I assisted with helping move the body down from her room, down to the basement in the elevator, and through the tunnel system to the back exit. Most facilities have these tunnel systems and ‘back exit/entries’ for deliveries, and of course to provide some semblance of privacy and dignity for those who have died—i. e., out of the eyesight of other residents and patients. The coroner had to open/prepare/move the van to the back door once we arrived in the basement—I stayed inside with the body, which was now in one of those actual black medical body bags, lying on a wheeled table. I heard the WEIRDEST like stretching/cracking/straining noise and I turned around to see THE BODY SITTING UP IN THE BAG. I freaked for a moment thinking she was actually alive, but realized that the body was entering a second/different/subsequent phase of rigor mortis and was returning to its seated/propped up position that it had been in when rigor mortis first set in hours ago. The movement was creepy enough, BUT THE SOUND. Ugh it was like creaking, stretching noise, and air escaped the body’s lungs and she MOANED!! I knew her voice from working with her for several years, and it was IDENTIFIABLE. UGH SO CREEPY. The coroner came back and said with a laugh, ‘Ha—yep, they’ll do that once and a while.’”



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