45 People Describe What Vaginas Taste Like

Flickr / david huang
Flickr / david huang

1. A third armpit.

“On a bad day, it’s like a third armpit.”


2. A 9-volt battery.

“Like a 9v battery. I’m serious. Not quite so shocking, though.”


3. Duck sauce.

“One of my old boyfriends swore that the closest taste he could compare it to was duck sauce. Yes. From Chinese restaurants.”

—Name Withheld

4. Watery sauerkraut.

“Feels like a warm handshake from the president of the United States…tastes like watery sauerkraut.”

—Name Withheld

5. Butterscotch yo!!!”

“Butterscotch yo!!!”


6. The sea.

“It smells like the sea, or like a fresh clam, it can taste bitter and sometimes like nothing at all.”


7. Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

“I think it tastes like Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips.”

—rocket man

8. Oyster sauce.

“Oyster sauce.”

—unrepentant hippie

9. A warm tomato.

“I liken a woman’s taste, at the point of orgasm, to biting into a warm tomato, fresh picked, while standing in the garden, on an August afternoon.”


10. Bleu cheese and okra.

“Tangy like bleu cheese. Slippery like okra. Musky like bourbon. Fun like an arcade.”

—Name Withheld

11. Peachy salad dressing.

“Peachy salad dressing would be the best I could come up with. Tangy, and just a little sweet. The texture is very velvety and soft between the inner labia and generally y’know, skin-like, on the outer labia.”


12. Aluminum foil.

“Aluminum foil.”


13. Buttered toast.

“Buttered toast. But it also varies, sometimes like lemon tart.”

—Name Withheld

14. Milk and coins.

“Milk and coins.”


15. Kraft American Singles.

“Kraft American Singles.”


16. Pickles.



17. Sweet butter.

“Sweet butter.”


18. Fishy if she hasn’t washed.

“Fishy if she hasn’t washed. Wet and slightly metallic if she has.”

—Name Withheld

19. Warm apple pie.

“Like warm apple pie.”


20. A sweat-covered barbell.

“Tastes like a sweat-covered barbell.”

—Name Withheld

21. Mayo and ketchup mixed together.

“It’s mayo and ketchup mixed together. Try it.”

—Name Withheld

22. Mashed potatoes.

“Have you ever eaten mashed potatoes? There you go…”

—Name Withheld

23. A penny or a nickel.

“Tastes like licking a penny, or if they’re closer to their period, a nickel.”


24. Mussels in white wine.

“Things that remind me of that taste:
Lindemans Pêche Lambic
Mussels in White Wine
• Oysters on the Half Shell (the sweeter ones, usually but sometimes the saltier/brinier ones)
• Lamb.”


25. Body odor.

“It’s gross, I had a girl (she was 35 and I was 25) basically sit on my face and rub her pussy in my face and it was awful, I got all this… bodily fluid…on me and it smelled like body odor. I don’t think I’ll ever be going down on another girl, unless I really really love her (and she has good hygiene). I don’t like receiving oral sex either, so it may just be a ‘thing’ with me…vaginas are gross and ugly; so are penises, they’re all gross and ugly.”


26. Pineapples or onions.

“Sometimes it is like pineapple; and some other times like onion; but it is different from girl to girl; and the smell is also different.”


27. Cheeseburgers.

“An ex once brought it to my attention that I tasted exactly like cheeseburgers.

Thankfully, he liked cheeseburgers.”


28. A can of V8.

I was drinking a can of V8 the other day, and about 10 minutes after I finished, I realized that the aftertaste was reminiscent of vagina, so there you go.”


29. Like blood on your lip.

“Have you ever bitten your lip and gotten a little bit of blood in your mouth? It’s got a very distinct taste. Even when a woman isn’t on her period, there’s always a hint of that flavor, among all the others.”


30. Milky, buttery, tangy, spicy…

“There is most certainly a racial/cultural/diet element to it.

If you have noticed the different body smell of East Asians, Caucasians, and South Asians, well, the nether regions taste like that, just more so….

Caucasian vaginas have that milky/buttery note. Central Asians have a slightly muttony/gamy taste.

South Asians are tangy and spicy…mmmm…

I’m getting hungry, I could really go for some juicy vagina right now.”


31. Onions.

“I’ve been with 3 different women of Puerto Rican descent, and they all tasted vaguely of onions. Not unpleasantly so, but there was definitely an onion thing going on down there.”


32. Lemons.

“I always thought they had sort of a lemony taste.”


33. Musky honey.

“Musky or slightly fermented honey.”


34. Slightly like cumin.

“I have, on more than one occasion, noted a hint of something that was slightly like cumin. Which is great for both me and her, because I love cumin. I would categorize this flavor under ‘musky,’ but there are other elements, as well: salty, slightly tangy (I think lime comes somewhat close; I don’t buy the battery thing), and mildly buttery.

To my tastebuds, this is a very fine and most enjoyable combination.”

—Dr. Wu

35. Dried apricots.

“Dried apricots.”


36. It’s blood-light, for the vampire in us.

“There’s a reason it tastes a little like a bitten lip—the liquid is blood that has been filtered by the inner walls of the vagina—so it is clear and slick—and delicious. It’s blood-light, for the vampire in us.”


37. Like the inside of an elbow smells.

“Like the inside of an elbow smells.”


38. Like licking an armpit. But in a good way.

“Musky/salty/sweaty/meaty. Basically, like licking an armpit. But in a good way.”


39. Sour like salad dressing.

“Pennies is a metallic taste, is a blood taste. It can taste sour like salad dressing (vinegar) based on pH. I think that it varies even with the same person. But really not much taste after the initial.”


40. The small of your underarm.

“I’ve heard a lot of descriptions—chicken, fish, etc. That’s all bullshit. If you wanna know what it tastes like, stick your tongue in the small of your underarm after a mild workout. That’s the smell and the taste! The moistness, the sickly sweetness of sweat, the mild metallic taste, even the way it looks when it’s unshaved—it’s just like pussy.”


41. Light vanilla.

“It’s been my experience that most vaginas are thick and salty tasting. My personal favorite. The second type to of vagina produces a thick clear fluid. It’s clean and odorless like the first till dry, then it produces a light vanilla smell. Loaded with pheromones, they are intoxicating to males. Oil glands can be found all over the body but those in the pubic region fuse their scent to pubic hairs. A second pheromone that when combined with vaginal fluid, can produce a most unwanted affect. The continuous undeterred affection, or pursuit of a unwanted one-time lover, or former spouse. This also explains the vanilla perfume craze of the previous three years. I’m so very happy not to sample the odor of well-groomed…

The third and final flavor of healthy vagina is a lightly pungent taste and tangy smell. This type of vagina will produce a fishy smell after a vigorous day of sex….”


42. Like tuna.

“It tastes like tuna and feels like a bowl of salt and vinegar chips. Sometimes vice-versa.”

—Name Withheld

43. Like an open wound.

“Inside of your cheek is a pretty good way to describe it. Imagine a tight and firm entrance but once inside it’s pretty close to two cheeks pressed firmly together. The taste, on the other hand…leaves something to be desired. Tastes like what you would think an open slit between a girl’s legs would taste like. Like an open wound without the blood (hopefully without the blood). One that sweats every day and expels dead eggs every month, pee also comes from the same area and surely runs through the money pit.”

—Name Withheld

44. It tastes like animals fucking somewhere in the woods under a full moon.

“It tastes like the color red.

It tastes like animals fucking somewhere in the woods under a full moon.

It tastes like want and desire poured over warm skin, something rough, something soft, something salty.

And of course if you’re in love, it tastes like a secret door that is open, where everything that is good in the world is hidden.

You taste wine or meat or cheese, but when you mouth is between her legs, there’s a different kind of hunger that taste doesn’t cover.”


45. Musky body odor.

“I have tasted a fair few and the general consensus I can give to you through my experiences is most women taste a little salty down there (much like sweat) and the aroma is musky with the slight scent of body odor!

Though my description doesn’t make it sound all that appealing, trust me, it is….Remember we are human beings and deep down we work on the same instincts (Males are attracted to female pheromones and vice-versa)…

Personally I enjoy going down on a girl that I’m with and it’s not weird for me at all. All he has to do is basically tickle/massage your clit with his tongue and lips for you to feel pleasure from this experience; it’s not as if he has to bury his mouth deep into your pussy and never come out for air…

Of course diet and hygiene plays a huge part with how you both smell and taste down there, so just like men can drink pineapple to make their cum taste sweeter, there are similar methods for the girls.

So tell your man to either get over it or go and find yourself a new one who will satisfy your needs.

I know it’s a major turnoff when a girl won’t go down on me so I can see why this is a problem for you.”

—Rusty Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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