27 People Explain Why They Walked Out In The Middle Of A Date

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1. He tried to force me to wear a red wig.

Oh, yes. Blind date. This was years ago, but I won’t forget this guy. My well-meaning cousin set this one up. Was supposed to be a dinner and a movie date. Pretty typical stuff. He picks me up and looks mildly annoyed. I greet him happily and attempt to engage him conversation. He seems very distracted. We get to the restaurant, and he pulls this red wig from his back seat, and asks in complete seriousness if I’d wear it. I stare at him in confusion. No idea where this is going. He goes on to explain he’s trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous and has been telling everyone he’s dating a redhead. I’m a brunette. He was unhappy I wore my hair down as that would mean it would take longer to pin up under the wig. I step out of the car, walk to the bathroom in the restaurant, and call my friend who is my emergency bailout. She arrives, I get in her car and leave. Never saw him again.

2. He tried to make me take a Breathalyzer for him.

Beginning of the date actually… He picked me up, I got in the car and he passed me a Breathalyzer. He says, “I had some wine while I was waiting for you to come out, can you blow on this so I can start the car?”

I noped the fuck outta there. Oh, adventures on online dating.

3. He picked me up and said, “You really don’t look good.”

It was more at the beginning of the date. He picked me up. The first thing he said to me was, “You really don’t look good. Can you go change?” I said, “Sure,” and went back inside, took off my makeup, put on my pajamas, and got out the take-out menus. A few minutes later he comes knocking at the door and seemed genuinely surprised that I didn’t want to continue the evening with him.

4. He revealed his plan to be fruitful and multiply.

He told me he wanted to have as many children possible with as many women as he could.


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