27 People Explain Why They Walked Out In The Middle Of A Date

5. She told me about her multiple STDs.

Yup. She told me about her 3 STDs and how she tried to get preggers with some guy without him knowing. She told me this on the first date.

6. She was still obsessed with her ex-BF.

She only lasted about 10 minutes and wouldn’t stop talking about her ex-BF. How they shared a dog, how they ate lunch together every day, how he got her an awesome job, how he had a bunch of stuff in her basement…how he got off by peeing on her.

Welp…well, gotta go, work is calling me…yeah, my phone was on vibrate but it is an emergency or something.

7. He asked me to lose weight.

Yes. 33F, 3rd date. He was a 34M. On our walk to dinner, he directly asked if I “would be interested in losing weight” because he was sexually attracted to “the physique of tall and very thin models.” He even recommended several books and diet plans during this talk. So very nice of him.

I am 5’2″, 120lbs. Apparently, I need to buy one of those medieval stretching machines while I am at it.

Holy fuck. Nope. I kindly excused myself to the train before we got to the restaurant. I have since gotten about 10 emails apologizing and telling me about his daddy issues (I have ignored all). Wow. Just wow.


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